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Soo Man Charged for Threatening CAS Worker

July 19, 2014 permalink

In Sault Ste Marie Ontario Jeremy Bjorna objected to the conduct of CAS workers. A week later police charged him with a crime. The article does not give the man's connection, if any, with CAS.



Jeremy accused of harassing Children's Aid workers



On the 11 July 2014 Children’s Aid Society workers were performing their duties when they were allegedly threatened and criminally harassed by a male who objected to what they were doing.

The man was located by the City Police on the 18 July 2014 and charged accordingly.

Jeremy Bjorna (age 36) will be appearing in court on the 25 August 2014 at 9 a.m. to answer to the charges.

Source: SooToday

Addendum: Jeremy Bjornaa is on Facebook. A post of his dated July 20 gives some of his side of the story. CAS has custody of his children. The real news on this incident will be on Facebook, as long as there is no publication ban.



Jeremy Bjornaa

I can't wrap my head around how corrupt this city is they kidnapped my kids put one boy in a group home with the kids who have raped him four years ago and my two youngest are in a foster home and this morning I video taped my babies crying, pleading with me to take them home saying the foster mom made Kingston eat soap and squeezed Legion's arm until he was screaming in pain and crying and CAS called us after we got home to tell us we can't have more visits because it's to upsetting for the boys and that I need to check myself in to a mental institution before they will ever consider allowing my poor Niki to see them ever again and I was on my absolute best behavior so I could comfort and convenience the boys everything is ok we play bingo and board games.

Source: Facebook, Jeremy Bjornaa