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Same-Sex Adoption

May 20, 2014 permalink

While public discussion of same-sex marriage focuses on love and tolerance, the part that matters to families is adoption. As soon as same-sex marriage is legal, or as in Utah, approaching legality, the first practical application of the new marriage licenses is to mediate same-sex adoption. In the enclosed article, LGBT advocacy groups express their displeasure over adoption delays in Utah.



Activists react to UT same sex adoption stay - WDAM.COM - TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports

Activists react to UT same sex adoption stay

proponents of same-sex adoption
The Utah Supreme Court issued a stay on second-parent adoptions by same sex couples.
Source: KSTU/CNN

SALT LAKE CITY (KSTU/CNN) - Some same sex couples are upset Sunday morning, after a judge issued a stay Friday night that keeps them from adopting children.

LGBT advocacy groups say many of those couples were already raising adopted children, and a lower court granted parental rights to both partners if they got married after it became legal in Utah.

The attorney general had not complied with earlier court orders, instead seeking this stay.

He said there's too much confusion as Utah's law is being tested in federal and state courts.

The president of a conservative group agrees.

"The decision was a wise decision it should have been the same with marriages," said Gayle Armes, president of a Utah conservative group. "District judges were ordered the state to grant these adoptions to gay couples that were already married so to take that away is very hurtful and frustrating for families."

The State Supreme Court has not yet scheduled a hearing over adoption rights for Utah's same-sex marriages.

Source: WDAM