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Parents Fear Kids

May 31, 2014 permalink

On a legal question and answer forum a parent asks about legal rights to discipline a child. The child threatens to report the parent to child protectors at school. The answer from a lawyer: The parent can do nothing to stop the intervention through the school system. Parents have no authority.



Child Threatens Parents "tell school to call CPS" after CPS Investigation. Can we hold school accountable for false reporting?

Asked May 27, 2014 - Benton Harbor, MI

Teen child is acting out at home and school. When reprimanded him and younger sister continue to threaten parents to have school call CPS. School reported our family for spanking back in January 2014. After 8 Hour investigation of our home and trip to emergency room for examination, the case was closed. The after effects months later is kids think they can have the school call the law on parents for disciplining them. As a parent scared to discipline them due to my home being violated unexpectedly back in Jan. My opinion and the opinions of other adults who have heard this "threat" from kids feel it is being prompted at school. We have nothing to hide here. How can we hold the school accountable for the permanent damage they have done. Son Age 11 is a documented special education student.

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Attorney answers (1)

Licensed in MI, Diane Marie Kay, Family Law Attorney - Pinckney, MI, Contributor Level 12

Answered May 28, 2014 09:27. I don't think there is anything you can do. The school, and all its employees are mandated reporters. That means that if they suspect anything might be going on they have to call CPS, if they don't they can be convicted of a crime. If your child comes to school and reports that they have been excessively disciplined, truthfully or not, the school has to report it.

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