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Messy Motel

May 3, 2014 permalink

Florida mother Jessica Flores has been arrested and her daughter has been placed in foster care. It is a usual messy home case. What is not usual is that the name of the mother is published and that the family had to live in the motel when child protectors forced them out of their home. That last fact is omitted from the enclosed text report, but appears in the video (mp4)



4-year-old found digging through trash; mom arrested

Jessica Flores charged with child neglect

SANFORD, Fla. —A Sanford mother has been accused of child neglect after her 4-year-old girl was found digging through a garbage can at a convenience store.

Jessica Flores

A witness waved down an officer around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, saying he saw a girl digging through trash at the Sunoco station on 17-92 at 27th Street. Officers said the girl had peanut butter caked in her hair.

Jessica Flores, 27, was arrested and charged with child neglect and resisting arrest.

According to the police report, Flores and her two girls were staying at the nearby Value Place Extended Stay motel. Flores told cops her daughter let herself out while she was sleeping.

The police report says the motel room was a mess, with rotting food, clothes all over and a bad smell.

An officer who arrested Flores said, "I feel if the children are placed back with the mother, they will be in danger."

The child and her sister were put in protective custody.

Source: WESH-TV Orlando