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Fix Dufferin CAS!

May 7, 2014 permalink

A new group concerned with children's aid has been formed in Dufferin. There is a rally scheduled outside the riding office of MPP Sylvia Jones, 244 Broadway in Orangeville on May 16 at 9:00 am. Contact information is not clear, but interested persons can get more clarification using the enclosed email addresses for the group.



Ladies and Gentleman; Please chime in...

More input and volunteers are needed.

Come to the next Wednesday night meeting as we are in the action stage of advocacy and social change. Arrange to phone in if you can`t come.

We have a huge opportunity now. There is some bad news first. We lost the May 16th opportunity to meet face to face with Sylvia Jones Dufferin MPP. This is because (as explained to me by Carol Clarke OM at Sylvia`s office) the election was called and by-laws stipulate she cannot meet with constituents on governmental issues until she's re-elected, she can`t see us face to face in a meeting. Therefore we must Rally now and we need more volunteers.

On a good note:

May 20th - Irwin Elman Office of Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth will be meeting face to face with the leaders of DCAFS to bring forth the issues, but he doesn`t have the power to do anything about them at this point. Only Minister Teresa Piruzza can.

Welcome to the volunteers who have come forth and a brief introduction on their roles:

Welcome Peter O (Orangeville Grandfather) with a grandchild with a disability coming out of the system. He`s wise to politics and is a member of the Green Party. He is wise to politics.

Welcome Sherry S. (Oranageville mom) to our team Ladies. She's good in advertising and working on flyers, has a computer and can do stuff on social media. Thanks Sherry for getting on board today!

Jenn R. (London mom) is working on Press Release about the Rally. She has established social media on Twitter. Jenn's writing letters to PM and Government, even getting kicked off Twitter sometimes LOL (someone`s trying to shut her down).

Nikki P. (Orangeville mom) is working on getting her disclosure for her case because she may have to switch lawyers due to conflict of interest. Her Lawyer is trying to adopt a baby from DCAFS. Ah...just a little conflict there don`t you think. My prayers go out to you Nikki, stay strong! We get our strength from our weakest moments. Nikki`s volunteered to get people to come out to our meetings (who are afraid to) and help get them making signs for the Rally.

I'm going into OCJ with a 14B (so is Nikki for leave to hear our motions on a closed date to get our disclosure), I have the CFSRB 2 day hearing (May 28,30) and am doing the IRCP (today) to show DCAFS the inaccuracy in their documentation. I`ll try and record it.

What is the consensus on becoming ``court nuisances`` these next few months. Bring the 14B motions to get leave to bring a motion to get disclosure in C.A.S. cases. Tell people to GET THEIR DISCLOSURE with 14B motions for leave in the OCJ or Child and Family Services Review Boards!

Dr. Julie McFarlane is pushing out our Wednesday Night Legal Info Meetings to  her network of legal community stakehholders. I really want to stay connected with Julie and what we do. She`s on our side and represents a huge community of legal practitioners as she is on the Faculty of Law at U of Windsor. She also has a huge network now of SRL`s (self represented litigants).

Anyhow, sorry to make this long....I hate doing that but see below what I sent to Tabitha Wells Orangeville Citizen. I wanted to follow up on the article, when its going to go out. We should do this with Rob Cribb (TOStar) and Tara Deschampes (Ryerson Freelance Journalist).

Below I`ve listed some legislation that we will want to use:

"If you want to change the world, pick up a pen and write" - Martin Luther King



----- Forwarded Message -----

Hi Tabitha,

We are stepping up the A2J campaign with a Rally to take place on Friday May 16th, at 9:00 a.m.

Taking advantage of this critical time before an election we want to raise the C.A.S. issue in and amongst the community; and the systemic social injustices occurring in family courts. Sylvia was opposition critique of the Ministry of the Attorney General and Government Services and Child and Family Services. We are a headwaters community in action. We will send a press release out later today or tomorrow.

Can you send me an email of the article link when it goes out or (if you want me to review it for accuracy before it goes out)  I'd be happy to do that (to avoid a later correction).


Volunteers Needed!

Place: On Broadway at Sylvia Jones constituency office on May 16th at 9:00 a.m.

Purpose: to ensure a safe community for our children, youth, parents and grandparents, people with disabilities and parents with children with disabilities. To raise the quality of life and address the poverty and low income issues.

Desired Outcome: Enact and Invoke the Child and Family Services Act legislation that give the Minister in power the authority to step in and investigate a C.A.S.

Revocation and Take-Over Powers

Powers of Minister

22. (1)Where the Minister believes on reasonable grounds that,
(a) an approved agency is not providing services in accordance with this Act or the regulations or in accordance with any term or condition imposed on the approval under subsection 8 (1) or 9 (1) or, in the case of a society, on the designation under subsection 15 (2);
(b) a director, officer or employee of an approved agency has contravened or knowingly permitted any person under his or her control and direction to contravene any provision of this Act or the regulations or any term or condition imposed on the approval under subsection 8 (1) or 9 (1) or, in the case of a society, on the designation under subsection 15 (2);
(c) approval of the agency under subsection 8 (1) or of the premises under subsection 9 (1) would be refused if it were being applied for in the first instance; or
(d) in the case of a society, the society,
(i) is not able to or fails to perform any or all of its functions under section 15,
(ii) fails to perform any or all of its functions in any part of its territorial jurisdiction, or
(iii) fails to follow a directive issued under section 20.1,

the Minister may,
(e) revoke or suspend the approval; or
(f) in the case of a society,
(i) revoke or suspend the designation under subsection 15 (2),
(ii) remove any or all of the members of the board of directors and appoint others in their place, or
(iii) operate and manage the society in the place of the board of directors. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11, s. 22 (1); 1999, c. 2, s. 7.

Designation of children’s aid society
(2)  The Minister may designate an approved agency as a children’s aid society for a specified territorial jurisdiction and for any or all of the functions set out in subsection (3), may impose terms and conditions on a designation and may vary, remove or amend the terms and conditions or impose new terms and conditions at any time, and may at any time amend a designation to provide that the society is no longer designated for a particular function set out in subsection (3) or to alter the society’s territorial jurisdiction. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11, s. 15 (2).


Directors and Program Supervisors

6. (1)For the purpose of ensuring compliance with this Act and the regulations a program supervisor may, at all reasonable times, upon producing proper identification, enter premises where an approved service is provided, inspect the facilities, the service provided, the books of account and the records relating to the service, and make copies of those books and records or remove them from the premises to copy them as may be reasonably required.

Note: “program supervisor” means a program supervisor appointed under subsection 5 (2) of Part I (Flexible Services); (“superviseur de programme”)
“provincial director” means,
(a) a person, the group or class of persons or the body appointed or designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council or his or her delegate to perform any of the duties or functions of a provincial director under the Young Offenders Act (Canada) or under the federal Act, or
(b) a person as appointed under clause 90 (1) (a); (“directeur provincial”)

Source: email

This town hall flyer (MS-Word) gives better information on the group.

Addendum: The May 16 rally has been canceled. A new event has been scheduled for June 18 at the DCAFS annual meeting. That will coincide with the next Gary Putman [1] [2] [3] award. Here is the announcement on the DCAFS website.



Our Rally has been postponed until we can get a bigger group together. Did you see on DCAFS website there is a Gary Puttman Award. The Award will be given out on June 18th at DCAFS AGM.

Rhonda Nordlander¸

Source: email