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Police Reunite Mother and Daughter

June 4, 2014 permalink

Brampton police found a girl wandering by herself. They located her mother and reunited them.

Until the arrival of the child protection craze, there would have been nothing unusual about this story. Now it is as rare as man bites dog.



Ontario Tot reunited with mom after found alone

BRAMPTON, Ont. - A toddler found wandering alone near a busy intersection in Brampton has been reunited with her mother.

The little girl, who is about two or three years old, was seen walking by herself (near Bovaird Drive and Creditview Road) Monday morning in the city northwest of Toronto.

But hours later police had located her mother and brought the pair back together.

Police say the girl is in good health.

It wasn't immediately clear how the toddler came to be walking on her own.

Source: Orangeville Banner