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Two-pronged CAS Assault

March 6, 2014 permalink

When falling behind in its legal struggle with Chris York's family, CAS decided on a two part coordinated operation. While his wife was visiting CAS, she was forcibly detained. Simultaneously another CAS party, with a police escort, planned to enter the family home while both parents were gone. The plan went awry only because CAS unexpectedly found Chris at home. His full report is enclosed.

This case shows the limitations of the current oversight system. Chris York cannot complain to the police, they only refer him to children's aid. Children's aid will not give relief, they planned and carried out this nefarious scheme. The child advocate cannot look into it, because no children were touched. The provincial ombudsman is the only one who could look into the whole operation, but he is forbidden to look at CAS cases.




So the CAS has now resorted to desperation. They came to my home today trying to pull a fast one. They knew my wife was at the CAS office for a visit with the grand child and thought (THOUGHT THAT IS) that I was not home. Police staked out my home watching for us to leave and at 11 am when they thought the coast was clear they swooped down on my home trying to get inside. They got a surprise when I answered the door. They were not expecting me to be home as they said oh we thought you were at work. They clearly know nothing about me. They demanded entry and told me if I did not comply the CFSA allowed them to force entry to get in my home. I recorded all of this of course. I asked if they were there to apprehend they stated no but they came with 2 cops and 2 workers of course we all know what they were here for. Once they stated no I told them to leave they refused stating again the CFSA gives them the authority to force entry to inspect my home which I know it does not. Due to back and neck problems I was told if I did not comply they were going to force entry past me and I had three young children here at the time. I was forced to comply with police entry out of fear of injury and traumatizing of my children. I caught it all on video. CAS still did not enter only the one officer did by force without a warrant stating they do not need one. They did not do any welfare check and only searched my home for locks on doors against my will. What I did not know that was also taking place at this time is the CAS was forcibly confining my wife at their office by locking her in a room with no windows and not allowing her out until they left my home. We tried to report this crime also and police refuse to investigate it stating that our complaint is about a service by the CAS and that we must file a complaint to them. Forcible confinement is not a service that CAS provides and in fact is a criminal act. Complaints have been made to the OIPRD and the lawyer is aware as he was called while they were here and he is furious. Motions to the court are coming as well as a civil suit. Evidence is now being stored off site to ensure its security. Criminal charges are going to be pending and lawsuits are coming.

Clearly they are desperate and know they have nothing going into the care and custody hearing for the grand daughter and apprehending my children will be their only chance at beating me in court. Apprehending my kids would show valid reason why the grand daughter cant be placed in our care.

I'm still not backing down I still will not bend and make no mistake I'm mad as hell and I am FIGHTING BACK HARDER THEN EVER BEFORE

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...