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Promise Broken

April 1, 2014 permalink

Tori O'Hanley lost her daughter after relying on a promise from a CAS worker in New Liskeard. It is hard to think of a case in which a CAS worker has kept a promise to a parent.



Tori O'Hanley

I have a question which I am not to sure on what to do as I started keeping to myself, cause everything I say and everything I do children's aid use it against me but I started not caring cause my daughter means the world to me and I will do anything to have her back home where she belongs....

I got involved with CAS in January 2012 to present. They ended up taking my daughter May 28th 2012. and in November 2012 they told me if I agreed to the 6 months I will have my daughter back when it is done. So I believed them and it never happened once my 6 months were done they requested for another 6 months...

I have been fighting it in court since it went back May 28 2013 to now to have my daughter home. And the last time I went to court in February 2014 the judge order for a children's lawyer to be involved..

and every since a children's lawyer was to be involved Childrens aid are requesting for my mother to have full custody of my daughter...

I have done everything CAS asked me to do plus more and apparently that still isnt good enough....

What else can I do or where can I go to get help to fight children's aid in court to have my daughter return home where she belongs.

Please anyone help me im getting desperate!!!

I'm in New Liskeard Ontario and my daughter is 2 years old and I already met my daughters lawyer Nd she told me she doesn't work for me or CAS or my lawyer or any body except for the child.

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...