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Million Dollar Boy Can't Go Home

April 13, 2014 permalink

Teenager JLW is held in foster care against his will, 350 kilometers from his mother, stepfather and brother. Children's aid will not answer his questions and the boy is not sure that his lawyer is still working on his case. Read his statement on Vern Beck' Facebook post or a local copy (pdf). According to Mr Beck,

  • I estimate a half million tax dollars have been needlessly spent by CAS when this boy has had a good home to go to for years.
  • The parents would include other information but all issues have been dealt with 5 years ago, even the CAS have admitted this. They just kept the kid even when there were no risks to the child. It was all about money..
  • The boy is a Crown Ward already.and has been for 7 years. He wants home now. His home is safe and stable and has been for the past 5 years and he has been having weekend visits for years.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

Cash delivery
Foster delivery to CAS