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Unborn Baby Imperiled

February 3, 2014 permalink

The unborn child of Amber Forsyth and Syd Freeman is under threat of seizure by British Columbia MCFD. The parents have learning [dis-]abilities and the mother is a repeat offender: MCFD grabbed another baby five years ago from another relationship that was abusive. If the baby is seized, expect an embargo on the names of the family.



Baby Dispute

UPDATE: Couple fights to keep baby

Amber Forsyth and Syd Freeman

WEST KELOWNA — A West Kelowna couple is devastated after learning their unborn child may be seized by the Ministry of Children and family development right after birth.

Amber Forsyth and Syd Freeman feel they are being discriminated against because they have learning abilities. They also say they are being punished for a past situation.

Forsyth had her first child seized more than 5 years ago when she was in different relationship, an abusive one.

“We have a stable place and we have lots of support in place” says Forsyth.

The couple has also taken another step, having Freeman’s father and step-mother move in for extra support.

“It’s not fair we should have a chance to have a baby,” says Forsyth.

The ministry issued the following statement to Global Okanagan:

“Due to privacy reasons, the ministry can’t comment on the specifics of this case. But it does say the safety and well being of a child is always the ministry’s first priority. It says Removal of a child is only considered if there is concern about the family’s ability to safely provide care. The ministry makes every effort to keep families together. We would look at placing the child with extended family if they are assessed to be safe and appropriate to provide care.In the case of a removal A Judge makes the final decision about whether a child should remain in care or be returned to the parents. “

Multiple social media users are expressing their opinions:

  • “This happening far too often. Ministry needs a complete overhaul.”
  • “I am sure the ministry will let the baby stay with the family. We don’t know the whole story and we don’t know exactly what happened in the past. The family is probably under the radar for a very good reason. I am sure they will bring in resources to help the parents before taking them away. I am glad the ministry is doing their job, if the parents are fit they have nothing to worry about”
  • “I hope the Ministry does their job in supporting two loving, caring parents with their dream to raise their child.”
  • “They want to take that poor baby away from two capable people who genuinely care for her and want to keep her. When there are families out there who just keep having kids to get more money or the kids are abused or neglected. I have seen the ministry ignore those children who are neglected even after several people have called them to report families.”

Forsyth is currently 8-months pregnant.

Source: Global News Toronto