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Teen Wins Freedom From CAS

January 13, 2014 permalink

Teenager Ariel Drifus was under supervision by CAS. It was an entirely negative intervention that she wanted to end, but when the case came to court social workers and lawyers told her she could not participate. Relying on outside help, she defiantly prepared her own statement and presented it to the court. Once CAS saw that she was serious, they settled the case and closed her file. Vern Beck has released an explanatory note on the incident (in the expand block) and a redacted statement by Ariel Drifus (pdf).



Vernon Beck

Attached is a redacted version of an actual signed statement which shows an example of how a teen can fight back against the CAS and the court system and win.

The teen in this matter was told by her lawyer and the CAS workers that she could not go to the court. The teen was told by her lawyer and the CAS workers that she could not speak to the judge. The teen was told by her lawyer and CAS workers that the judge would get angry if she came to court to try to say anything. The teen was told by her lawyer and CAS workers she was too young to submit evidence and only her children's lawyer could speak on her behalf and only then, she could not attend court to see what her children's lawyer said to the judge. The teen was told all kinds of lies to keep the truth from getting into the court about how the CAS had abused her and her family.

The teen decided to fight back and through help from outside sources submitted her own statement and showed up at the court to confront those who were lying to the court about her family. Needless to say chins dropped and CAS workers and lawyers all scattered once they saw that she was going to expose them all for their crimes. Matters were quietly settled and CAS closed the file and the statement by the girl was never seen by the judge as the lawyers and CAS did not want the judge to read it.

All parents are urged to educate and to empower their mature children to fight back. Teach them about our Charter of Rights. Teach them that they have the right to be heard and their reasonable wishes respected. This attached statement can be used as a template by other parents to empower other children who want to fight back as well.

Source: Canada Court Watch