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Mother Too Protective

February 4, 2014 permalink

When an Ottawa mother discovered that a babysitter had molested her five-year-old daughter she attacked the babysitter. The mother was arrested and the child was placed for adoption. The mother wants to get the girl back to join her sibling born after the incident.

Children are taken for abuse or neglect or the opposite, excess in defending the child..



Ottawa mom fighting to get daughter back after babysitter sexual assault

An Ottawa mother whose daughter was sexually assaulted at age five by a babysitter says she is taking The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa to court after the agency wrongfully gave up the child up for adoption.

The name of the child is protected by a publication ban and Metro is not naming the mother in order to protect the child’s identity.

On Oct. 9, 2013, Ontario Court Justice Catherine Kehoe found Jennell Crossfield, 27, guilty of sexual assaulting the young girl.

The judge ruled the girl’s testimony was credible and that the accused “will lie when it suits her and to get herself out of trouble.”

The mom read her heartbreaking victim impact statement to the court Monday morning, describing how the incident has scarred her and her daughter.

“You’ve robbed my daughter of her innocence, her family, and she and I will always struggle in trusting people again,” the emotional mother said in court. “Even now, after four and a half years later, I seldom go for a few minutes without some image or feeling from the sexual act towards my daughter popping into my head. You’ve made me feel helpless of a mother because I wasn’t there to protect my daughter from you.”

After finding out about the sexual assault in June of 2009, the mom beat up Crossfield and threatened her with a knife. As a result, the mom was arrested on assault charges and the child was taken into foster care, she said.

She said she just finished her probation in January and desperately wants her child back.

CAS only lets the mom see her daughter two times per year for two hours, the mom told Justice Kehoe Monday.

She has since had a second child.

“CAS let me have one kid and not the other,” the mom told reporters after Monday’s proceeding. “I need to find a good civil lawyer and I’m going to go after them.”

Source: Metro News