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Luke to Get a Sibling

December 22, 2013 permalink

Luke Borusiewicz, born on September 22, 2006, was seized by Australian child protectors from parents Michael Borusiewicz and Jacqueline Hurlstone in July 2008. On January 28, 2009 Luke died from neglectful care by his foster mother. Since then Michael has become a vocal opponent of his country's child protection system, through Luke's Army and Facebook. Links to earlier articles: [1] [2] [3]

Michael has announce that he is about to become a dad again. His open letter to Queensland DoCS is enclosed.



Luke's Dad Having Another Baby - Should DoCS Qld be Allowed Near This Child

Michael and Luke Borusiewicz

Good morning (DoCS Qld Case Worker),

Although there is much I would like to discuss with you at this time, I will try to be as brief as possible. (Expectant Mother) and I agreed that you should among the first people to know that she is pregnant with my child.

I ask that after what I have personally experienced with DoCS Qld that high priority be given to ensuring that I receive fair treatment in every possible way. Should you feel any personal grievances or dislike toward me I would ask that you be honest with me, and remove yourself from mine and (Expectant Mother's) case. Personally I feel no antipathy towards you but as you would understand my feeling toward the department as a whole is not so untainted.

I realise this is not an easy situation for anyone in the department to take on, but I give my word, I will do everything possible, anything that is asked of me, to have another chance at being a dad. Just don't ask me to turn my back on Lukey by taking down the site, I could never do that.

(DoCS Qld Case Worker), I have never lied to you, and have no intention of doing so. I promised you I would never publish what I did for you and your mother, and I haven't.

I promised you that I would never post anything about you on the site or on facebook again, and I haven't and don't intend to.

(Another DoCS Victim) sent me your address and phone number asking me to post these details on the site. I would never do such a thing to any child protection worker, in fact even on the several occassions when (Expectant Mother) needed to contact you urgently, I refused to give her your number. I made you a promise and I keep my promises.

Once again, if dealing with me is not acceptable to you, I understand. All I am asking for is that myself and my family not be abused, mistreated or threatened by DoCS Qld.

Anger Management

Obviously I had a drug problem which needed to be addressed when Lukey was still alive and I am grateful that this time around I do not have this burden to deal with, although I am happy to submit to any drug tests DoCS Qld may require in the future.

So far as anger management, I have done seven years in Naval Cadets as a teenager, I have played musical instruments constantly since the age of six and play about 10 insturments competently, I have practiced several martial arts and work on art pieces for up to 40 hours a piece as well as spending up to 18 hours a day on the web site.

This all indicates that I have a high level of self discipline. It takes a lot for me to lose my temper, and (Expectant Mother) will tell you that I have never hit her, but I have packed my bags more than once since we have been together. I will always walk away before things go too far.

I spoke to the man who ran the anger management course I attended in Cairns and he agreed that I did not have anger manegement problems.

I can give you the psychologist I went to and after the first trauma counseling session which lasted 3 1/2 hours his first comment was, "I don't know how this could happen to anyone, but if it happened to me, I hope I could handle it as good as you."

I have learnt much and I have devoted my life to studying child protection in an effort to improve it after I promised Lukey last time I spoke to him as he lay in his coffin I would, and truthfully I do not want you people anywhere near me or my child, but I am guessing this is not possible so I will submit to anything you should ask. There is nothing I will not do.

The last thing I wished to make you aware of, in my opinion the best myself and (Expectant Mother) have got on was when her daughter stayed with us for a week. (Expectant Mother) needs her kids back to know they are safe and to get on with her life.

I think after what the department has already put me through it would be cruel of you not to allow me the right to be a father again.

I am sending this email to (Expectant Mother), to yourself (DoCS Qld Case Worker), to the Qld Premier and DoCS Qld Minister Tracey Davis as well as posting it on the site and facebook with the intention of showing how the department treats parents who's children they have killed in foster care, and how much support there is for me to be a father.

I think it also would be courteous of me to send it out to the almost 50 journalists I have dealt with since Lukey died while in the care of the department. At this stage I will abstain from commenting further about my dealings with the department on this matter.

I will not go so far as to ensue a social media campaign or start petitions, I will not disclose any further information or correspondence on this matter unless I deem it to be illegal on the part of DoCS Qld.

Kindest Regards,.

Michael Borusiewicz

Source: Luke's Army

Addendum: Social workers have advice for the pregnant mother-to-be: Get an abortion.

Source: Facebook, Luke's Army