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Teen Girl Seized by London CAS

November 30, 2013 permalink

A London Ontario family filmed the apprehension of their daughter Kristen on November 7. She had spent time in a Kitchener group home, and the family story suggests that she had recently run away from her father to be with her mother. On the day of the incident she was just two months short of the age of CAS freedom, sixteen years. She objected strenuously to her forced abduction. The video London Children's Aid Society attempting to apprehend is on YouTube or a local copy (mp4).

The policeman tries to persuade her with the false claim that resisting will make it harder for her to later rejoin her family. Fixcas has never encountered a case in which a judge cited passivity of the foster child during apprehension as a justification for reunification. It is more likely that a social worker will claim that absence of objection by the child showed a lack of family cohesion.

The mother posting the video is Jen Bernell. She can be found on Facebook and YouTube. Jen has posted the full family story Kids Hurt By London CAS A TRUE STORY! on YouTube The audio quality is poor. Four children recount years of bad experiences with CAS and family courts.