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Foster Boy Attacks Social Worker

September 13, 2013 permalink

When that nasty Indiana social worker came to bother him, Isaac Miller knew how to get back. He tried to rape her.



South Bend man charged in attempted rape

Isaac Miller
St Joseph County Prosecutors Office

A 19-year-old South Bend man was charged with multiple felonies and a misdemeanor after an incident with a Department of Child Services worker earlier this week.

Isaac Miller was charged on Friday with attempted rape, criminal confinement, battery, strangulation, interference with reporting a crime and sexual battery. Probably cause was found for 4 of those charges.

Police say that on Tuesday, September 10, Miller held a Department of Child services caseworker at knife point in his apartment on West Flint Court, after the caseworker became uncomfortable and tried to leave the apartment. Police say Miller allegedly forced the caseworker into the bathroom, removed her clothing, strangled her and attempted to rape her. Police say that when the caseworker tried to call 911, Miller allegedly broke her phone. Eventually, the caseworker was able to get away by running out of the house to get help.

Miller is set to be in court on Monday, September 16th.

Source: WSJV-TV FOX 28