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Family Sues CAS

September 15, 2013 permalink

Highland Shores CAS is being sued for $14.5 million by a family receiving "services".



$14.5 million lawsuit filed against Highland Shores Children’s Aid

A $14.5 million lawsuit has been filed against the Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society based in Belleville.

Jeffrey Kingston filed the statement of claim in Belleville court August 30th.

The 16-page document alleges illegal seizure of his children in 2012, along with mistreatment of his children while in foster care, unprofessional conduct by the society.

The lawsuit is looking for money for pain and suffering, emotional and mental stress, human rights violations, defamation of character and misfeasance by authorities.

None of the accusations have been proven in court. The society was given 20 days to bring forth a statement of defence.

Source: Quinte News

Addendum: Here is the statement of claim (pdf). Among the accusations, the foster mother addressed one of the children as "dipshit" and restricted baths to two per week. When ordered to disclose the case file to the family, CAS tried to get the family to first sign an undertaking. When provided, the disclosure omitted 427 pages but included documents for another family's case.