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Creepy Social Worker

July 2, 2013 permalink

A family has informed Vern Beck of a CAS worker stalking their son. The worker's efforts go beyond investigation and resemble a pedophile grooming a prospect. He follows their son into the washrooms and invites him out for swimming. He has taken other children out for pizza.

CAS is the perfect career for pedophiles. They get easy access to children, and are protected from legal repercussions by statutory immunity.



Vernon Beck

A day in the life of an advocate: Below is a letter sent by parents to the local school board in response to a particular CAS worker in their son's school. Seems that this male worker liked going into the children's washrooms while on official CAS business at the school...........

Attached, please find a letter sent to the Children’s Aid Society and copied to various other parties.

As outlined in our letter, we feel that our family has been harassed by CAS, specifically a worker by the name of Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, for some time. The CAS up till now has refused to respond to correspondence to their office since early this year. Numerous requests have been made for them to tell us what concerns they have for our children but to date they remain silent. They have refused to respond not only to our requests for information but also to third party agencies who have come to the assistance of our family.

Recently, our son told us that Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx interrogated him at your school without our knowledge or permission. Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx asked our son to provide information which could have easily been obtained by appropriate contact with our family, rather than through our son at school.

I have also heard through my son that Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx has been spotted inside of the children’s washrooms at the school. I have also heard through other parents that Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx has taken some of the young children out for pizza. Last year Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx asked if he could take our boys swimming. It seems highly unusual to my wife and I, for a Children’s Aid Society worker to be going to such great lengths to personally involve himself with these young children at your school and it makes me wonder if he is doing this with the full knowledge and understanding of the parents. From what I could surmise based on his contact with our son, his purpose was to spy on our family and I wonder just how may other families are being spied upon through his activities at your school. I certainly have not heard of social workers being given the run of the school in other communities. I have also heard that Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx has an “office” at your school. As I have not heard of CAS agencies having offices at public schools, it makes me wonder if this is a formal arrangement between the school board and the Children’s Aid and does the CAS reimburse the school board for use of this space? My wife and I have decided to join up as voting members of the CAS and will be making inquiries about this in the near future through their Board of Directors.

In light of what we feel have been the sneaky and underhanded tactics of Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, my wife and I verily believe that Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx may be acting outside of his authority as social worker with the CAS and that he may be operating outside of guidelines issues by the Government under applicable legislation. There is no court order that gives Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx the authority to interrogate our children and to date he has refuse to provide us with proper information to support why he continues to intrude into our family the way he does.

I have made contact with other families in the community and it seems that other families are experiencing similar problems with Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx intruding into their lives as well. I am beginning to wonder if there is a pattern to all of this with the school being the place where he gathers his information about families in our community.

At this time we would ask that you not allow Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx to interview our children without our knowledge and permission. We may be looking into legal remedies should he continue to harass our family as he has done. To protect the school I would also suggest that you review the whole arrangement with Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx at your school and see if it meets the formal approval of the Board of Education. As parents in the community, we feel uneasy that our school board would allow a worker of the CAS such privileges in the school without some formal understanding with the parents. Schools are supposed to be a place where both children and teachers feel safe from the prying eyes of social workers. We shall be directing our concerns to the Board of Education at some time in the near future.

Should you have any questions, then please contact us. I would also request that you confirm in writing with us that you will not allow Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx to interrogate our children without the parents being informed first. I can also put you in touch with third party agencies who will also be happy to provide copies of correspondence to the CAS which to date has not been responded to.

Yours truly

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch