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Baby Seized

July 28, 2013 permalink

Police have seized (rescued in their terminology) a baby from a man who resisted. The news story does not give the man's relationship to the baby, but the video story says the police were acting on behalf of children's aid. The man/father was injured in the incident, the baby is unharmed.



Police rescue baby from barricaded man

barricaded baby
(click for larger image)
Man with baby barricaded inside home.

Ottawa Police have rescued a baby after a five hour stand-off with a man who barricaded himself inside a home east of downtown.

Police responded to a home on Noranda Avenue, in the Montreal Road area.

Police say they were helping "an outside agency" with a call about 12:30, when the man refused to come out.

Noranda Avenue was blocked by emergency officials for much of the afternoon.

There were loud bangs outside the home and moments later emergency officials left the house with the baby in arms.

The baby is uninjured.

Police arrested the man who was limping and helped into an ambulance.


Seriously? Rescued the baby from what? What was the emergency that this baby was taken from the father? I have to agree, with the last post, I would do the same thing if strangers came to try to take my child!

Sara Perry

The baby in uninjured and fine. Of course the baby is fine it was with its father. What would any of you do if this random people showed up at your door and told you to hand over your baby to them? Won't tell you why just that you can go to court in 5 days. They pull this crap on innocent families by the hundreds every year. They hide behind confidentiality so one knows the truth about what is really happening. These people are power hungry beyond anything I have seen. At one rally two CAS workers came out and had the adocity to say "we can do what ever we want and there is nothing you can do to stop us". Well YES there is. Call your MPP's and demand ombudsman oversight of this complete out of control bunch of lunatics. The Children's Aid Society are not what they profess to be to the public. Demand Ombudsman oversight by telling your MPP you want them to vote for bill 42. If the CAS is such a great bunch of people with nothing to hide then why are they fighting so hard not to have oversight? It's time the public saw the truth about this oprganization once and for all.

Source: CTV