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Child Protectors Persecute Pagans

August 4, 2013 permalink

A Pagan family in England has lost their children after social workers called their faith witchcraft.



Bedfordshire kids taken by social services over card game, claim parents

A PAGAN couple claim a game of dungeons and dragons led social services to take their kids away after the authority equated it with ‘witchcraft’.

The Bedfordshire pair, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of their two daughters, say they have been persecuted for their beliefs and claim social services accused them of ‘devil worship’.

They are due to appear in court for the custody of the children in September after they were taken into foster care around 18 months ago.

The father of the two children said: “This is going back to the middle ages when Pagans were being scrutinised by Christians.

“There’s no evidence linking the game with witchcraft and I’m confused because I think it was part of the reason for taking the kids.

“I think if we said we were Christian or any other religion they probably would have treated us differently and we would have got more respect.

“How is Paganism different to any other religion? I think they are discriminating against us.”

He added: “I feel heartbroken, I’ve sunk and my family is in complete tatters.

“I’m not looking for a war, I’m just looking for our children back.”

The couple have had access to their kids once a week since social services took them away.

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman said: “Any decision to remove a child or children from their parents, is not one that we take lightly.

“We have to follow a strict set of procedures, put in place by the government, which consider a wide range of factors, before a final decision is taken by the court.

“A child or children would not be taken into the care of a local authority solely on the basis of their parents religious beliefs or hobbies.

“We cannot comment on individual cases, but residents can be assured that protecting children and having their best interests at heart continues to be our absolute priority.”

Source: Bedfordshire On Sunday