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Elect Nuttle!

August 14, 2013 permalink

Crystal Nuttle, described in another news report as "a potential legislative candidate and vehement critic of state Child Protective Services", practices what she preaches. She is facing charges for helping mother Teketa Riley retrieve her six-year-old son from CPS. If she can get on the ballot, she will give Arizona voters an opportunity to vote on child protection policy.



Possible legislature candidate among those charged with custodial interference

Crystal Nuttle

TUCSON - A possible candidate for the state senate in hot water.

Crystal Nuttle of Glendale is suspected of helping a mother steal her child from Child Protective Services in Tucson.

Police say on July 26th, Nuttle and three other women, including the treasurer of her campaign, entered a secured facility where Teketa Riley was visiting her child on a CPS supervised visit.

Police believe the women helped Riley take her 6-year-old son during the visit. The child was later found safe. Now all but one of the women are charged with custodial interference.

News 4 Tucson obtained a search warrant that details what led Tucson Police Detectives and U.S. Marshals to Glendale, AZ.

The warrant reads, "On August 2, officers conducted an extensive surveillance on several locations." "They saw Teketa Riley and her 6-year-old son leaving and walking away from Crystal Nuttles' residence."

"The two were taken into custody and interviewed." "The child was found unharmed and returned to CPS custody."

"We know from previous contacts that these guys have a lot of problems and are very much against CPS and that could have been part of the other reason they did what they did," says Sgt. Chris Widmer of the Tucson Police Department.

According to court documents, "Teketa Riley, Paula Flowe, and Crystal Nuttle assisted in abducting the six-year-old from Child Protective Services." "A fourth person Debbie Ramos was also involved."

She reportedly is Nuttle's campaign treasurer.

When the women were arrested, "Crystal Nuttle invoked her Miranda warning and no questions were asked."

"Paula Flowe waived her rights and told detectives she had planned the abduction."

Sgt. Widmer says, "However they thought about going about this, and whatever they thought they were going to do has landed them with felony charges that they could potentially go to prison for."

Paula Flowe remains in the Pima County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Source: KVOA Tucson