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Adopted Sex-Toy

July 31, 2013 permalink

Sometimes adoption is just a way for a couple to buy a sex-toy at the store. That is about what happened when same-sex partners Mark J Newton and Peter Troung adopted a newborn boy.



Man gets 40 years for trafficking adopted son to pedophiles

An Australian man was sentenced to 40 years in prison for trafficking his son to pedophiles around the world.

Police said it appeared the boy, now eight, was adopted for the sole purpose of sexually exploiting him, according to media reports.

Mark J. Newton, 42, pleaded guilty Friday in Indiana court. Prosecutors accepted a plea because evidence was too graphic to show a jury.

Newton, a U.S. and Australian citizen, and his long-time partner, Australian Peter Troung, 36, were arrested in 2011 after New Zealand police discovered the boy was used in child pornography, the reports said.

Police raided the couple's homes in Cairns, Australia, and in California, and found evidence of the boy's lifetime of abuse.

Troung has been convicted but not sentenced.

The couple took the child to countries including the U.S., Australia, France and Germany where he was abused by numerous men, media reported.

The judge said the boy's abuse began as early as two weeks old after the couple "bought" him for US$8,000 from a Russian woman.

Source: Toronto Sun