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Children's Raid Society

July 10, 2013 permalink

Charles Adler interviewed a mother victimized by children's aid. He refers to the predatory agency as the children's raid society. Watch it on Sun News Network or a local copy (mp4) captured by Pat Niagara. The unnamed mother reports that CAS workers defied an order to show up in court and that her legal aid lawyer is an absolute ****.

Addendum: A similar story from London Ontario may be about the same mother interviewed by Charles Adler. The AM980 site includes an extensive set of reader comments.



London Mother Fights Children's Aid Society for Custody of Daughter

The London Children's Aid Society is facing some serious accusations from a local mother, who claims the agency has resorted to lying, posturing, and empty threats to keep her daughter away from her.

The woman, who's been fighting since last October to bring the child home, is calling on the province to step in and provide more oversight after the CAS falsely accused her of abusing her daughter.

The woman says her daughter started getting bullied at her new school, but instead of acknowledging it, the school accused her of abuse at home.

That's when the CAS became involved, and wanting to cooperate with the agency, the mother says she signed a 'voluntary service agreement' with Children's Aid.

Instead of using the document to provide assistance and support for the child, the mother believes CAS used it, and other bureaucratic red tape, to seize her daughter.

"I tried to cooperate for the longest time because I thought 'all I want to do is get my daughter back home'. But then, when they started pulling all of these dirty tricks behind my back, and doing things to my daughter, and my daughter showing up with bruises and my daughter being sick and they're refusing her medical care, I started to get really frustrated and angry," she said.

The CAS is an incorporated, not-for-profit agency governed by volunteer boards and funded by the provincial government. Complaints about the CAS are currently handled by the Child and Family Services Review Board. However, its recommendations don't have to be followed by the 53 Children's Aid Societies in Ontario.

The woman says Ontario is the only province that doesn't have government oversight for Children's Aid Societies, and that needs to stop.

The mother admits in trying to get her daughter back, she's had some difficulty navigating the courts, but she'll keep fighting until her daughter is back home.

She hasn't been able to visit her daughter since early April, and says her daughter believes she's dead. She's even tried to drop off gifts for her, but claims CAS took them away from her.

"I even tried to bring the book 'I'll Love You Forever' by Robert Munsch to her, because we've read it every night as part of our stories and bedtime ritual with the blankies. I tried to bring it to her to a visit, so she could take it and have it to read every night, even though I wasn't there, and they took it away from her. They waited until she was asleep, they went into her locked closet, and they took the book away. They said it was inappropriate," she said.

AM980 has contacted the Children's Aid Society, but they couldn't comment on the case.

Source: AM980 News

Neil Haskett recorded a phone-in segment with Craig Needles on July 11, 2013. Neil is also one of the callers.