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MPP Could Lose His Seat

June 16, 2013 permalink

A recent exchange of emails shows that elected officers have no power when it comes to the actions of children's aid societies. Ken Reid sent an email to his CAS office and a copy to his MPP, John Yakabuski (Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke). Read the admission by Mr Yakabuski's office that he can do nothing to correct the abuse.



mrdoneplaying KENNETH
To: Yakabuski, John
Ms. Ducey Supervisor

Dear Ms. Ducey

This email is a follow up of the request for information form that was delivered to you by Brian Hall when he was representing me . I am deeply concerned that I have not received a response from anyone at the Society regarding this request.

I herewith request for the Durham Children’s Aid Society to provide to me the following information immediately:

1. One complete and unaltered copy of any and all original documents including but not limited to reports, notes, phone conversation notes, interview notes, witness statements, police statements, doctors notes, correspondence of any kind including mother but not limited to letters, emails, etc, in its entirety of the Durham Children’s Aid Society’s case file assigned to the myself from its date of inception to the current day and copies of all future entries to the file from this day forward. This will also include the first apprehension of my two boys first, then we we notified you of just the two boys taken and how was that it is possible to take two boys out of her care and leave three other children in her care, This led your office to 2 weeks later apprehending all children. This will also include Jodi Potts notes. This will also have phone calls received to your office from various reports from Petawawa area, no altered docs. It will conclude with my calls to help save my children from harm since 2005. Including on the day that the children were safe in my care by the military police and the OPP. This will have to match my records I received from the Military Police, and the impact letter from my boys at the MP police station 2. Please provide to myself the names of all the workers, supervisors and directors who have been and continue to be involved with myself and my file.

3. Proof of all CAS workers registration with The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers who are and who have been involved in this case from its date of inception. Provide a complete listing of each worker’s credentials and a copy of the resume for each.

Given the fact that the Society has not responded to this request, I am assuming that the Society has no intention of releasing the information requested even though it is my right under the laws in Ontario to receive this information.

Take notice that should you fail to provide this urgently needed information this will leave me no alternative but to bring this matter before the courts seeking an order for file disclosure, the cost of which will be borne by you.

I will also have no choice but to file a formal complaint with the Child and Family Services Review Board, The Ontario College of Social Workers, The Human Rights Tribunal and our local politicians and other authorities to have this matter resolved as soon as possible.

I urge the Society to respond in a timely manner on this matter and to govern yourselves accordingly.


Kenneth D Reid

Wanda Secord - Executive Director Biljana Krstanovska – CAS Worker John O'toole - MPP Thursday at 3:08pm

Yakabuski, John
To: 'mrdoneplaying KENNETH'

Good afternoon Ken;

Thank you for contacting the office of MPP John Yakabuski.

From the information I read below I understand you have a case with Children's Aid Society in Durham and some of the information is from 2005 in Petawawa.

In regards to any legal case or governance of Family & Children's Services as an MPP, Mr. Yakabuski can not intervene, he could lose his seat in the Legislature at Queen's Park if he did so.

Best regards,

Mary Ann Taman Constituency Assistant to
Tel: 613-735-6627 Fax: 613-735-6692

Source: Facebook, Kenneth Reid