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Funding Controversy

May 9, 2013 permalink

Funding cuts for children's aid are generating controversy. CHCH-TV has a video report featuring a statement by Kathleen Wynne (local copy mp4). The article enclosed says Norfolk council wants the funding cuts restored. All of the objections to cuts come from the workers formerly getting the funding, none come from families getting the so-called services.



County objects to CAS funding cuts

NORFOLK - Norfolk council wants the province to think twice about pending cuts to the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk.

Council has directed Mayor Dennis Travale to draft a letter expressing the county’s displeasure with pending staff cuts and a reduction in service.

Simcoe Coun. Charlie Luke, an elementary school principal, raised the matter in the council chamber Tuesday night. He began by noting that council members have been inundated with emails about the cuts since the Reformer reported on them May 2.

“They need to know that these are our children,” Luke said. “If you don’t work in the business, you don’t know how important the work they do is. I like to think that I do.”

The local CAS learned in April that the cash-strapped province intends to cut its budget 2% a year over the next five years. This will reduce its funding from $21.5 million a year to $17.8 million. Because 60% of the local CAS’s budget goes toward employee wages and benefits, the agency faces the prospect of laying off some of its 160 employees.

“I have a lot of concern over what’s taking place here,” Luke said. “Our young and our old have to be looked after.”

The local CAS has 291 children in care and liaises with another 454 families. In total, the agency has dealings with more than 1,100 local children.

The local CAS received more than 2,000 referrals last year and completed 936 investigations.

Source: Simcoe Reformer