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Children Hospitalized
Parents Not Told or Kept Away

June 3, 2013 permalink

When a baby in CAS custody was hospitalized, they did not bother to notify mother Lynn Vienneau. She tells of her experience in off-color language.

In a separate incident Kim Shook reports that a Renfrew family was kept away from their son during surgery so as not to disturb the foster parents.



Lynn Vienneau Wow. I'm so pissed off right now I just found out that my son Jaheim has been hospitalized with a respiratory infection and u think the CAS would even fucking call me and let me know. I just got the phone call about 20 mins ago. What a fucking day. I'm sick with the stomach flu and my mom was going to the visit. Up until I find out he is in the hospital and wasn't even told. I'm fucking pissed. Gonna be going up to the hospital and I don't give a fuck what CAS says. It will take more then CAS and police to keep me away from son. Mommie and Daddie loves u, hold on there babyboy.

Source: Facebook, Lynn Vienneau

Kim Shook-Advocate CAS of Renfrew County you have taken yourselves to an all time low. First you grant mom and dad permission to attend the hospital for their child's surgery, then the worker comes and makes mom and dad sit in the main lobby of the hospital, all so not to upset foster mom, whose husband was verified to have physically assaulted one of the children, and you's did nothing about that. Now you sit there and make mom feel degraded and embarrassed,having security watching them the nursing staff on alert not to let mom and dad go to the surgical floor. Nurses are more worried about how foster mom is feeling having mom and dad there, and you let them have a total of 5 minutes with their child after making them wait close to four hours wondering what was going on, if the surgery went ok. All I have to say to you CAS and this worker is your days are numbered, this abuse of power will be stopped.

Speaking to mom right now. It appears the child was not informed mom and dad would be attending the hospital today, furthermore mom and dad were forced to remain in the main lobby to keep them separated from the foster parents. Nurse was overheard asking the worker if foster mom was okay with bio parents being present, no nurse would even talk to mom. Treated mom like a stranger. Mom was told no info could disclosed to her at to how her son was doing as CAS is listed as his guardian.

This child has already had ten surgeries to correct the problem and will have to endure about four more and ever time mom and dad have been there,no questions asked, never even a worker present until now all because mom and dad contacted police about the assault after their other child came home trying to get justice. Also mom and dad were denied the opportunity to give their child the gifts that they brought

Furthermore after the worker kicks mom and dad out of the room, (by the way the child was so excited to see mom and dad) she is heard telling the child not to worry foster mom (stated name) will be in to sit with you, and this is said right in front of mom and dad. Now how low is that?

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...

In a Facebook posting on June 22 mother Tammy Vienneau-johnson reports that her son Jaheim was returned to by the family court.