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Moldy Files

June 22, 2013 permalink

Mold removal experts are cleaning the offices of the Glynn County Department of Family and Children Services in Brunswick Georgia. The cause of the infestation is unknown, but research by fixcas as ascertained one aggravating factor. Paper can be colonized by fungi of the classifications Hyphomycetes and Ascomycetes in the genera Chaetomium, Curvularia/Cochliobolus, Epicoccum, Geotrichum/Dipodascus, Geotrichum/Galactomyces, Memnoniella, Monodictys, Scopulariopsis/Microascus, Stachybotrys, Stemphylium, Ulocladium and Verticillium. Source:

Child protectors keep records for decades, and records from the 1990s and earlier were most often kept on paper. Getting rid of these old records would make child protection safer, both through reducing mold infestation and protecting families from revival of historical accusations.



Mold forces Georgia department out of building

Glynn County DCFS
Department of Children and Family Services in Brunswick


If you go to the Department of Family and Children Services in Glynn County, you'll see a sign on the door that says the department has temporarily moved a few doors down.

The reason: mold.

DFCS is located in Cypress Mill Square, and Carolyn Oppenheimer owns the property.

"It's behind the walls," she said in a phone interview from Atlanta. "You couldn't see it, so they had to go in and remove the affected areas. They removed some sheet rock and some carpet."

Oppenheimer said offhand she didn't know what kind of mold it is. But employees are worried.

An employee who wants to remain anonymous emailed Channel 4 saying the building has had issues with mold, leaks and flooding for the last few years, and now is the first time something is being done about it.

Building is temporarily closed

Oppenheimer said an employee recently asked if the building could be tested for mold, and she said yes. Results revealed airborne mold spores, so the offices were closed on June 11 for remediation work.

"Dealing with mold is unpredictable in how long it takes to remediate, and we're working hard to get the issue resolved as quickly as we can," Oppenheimer said.

Employees are hoping that's soon. They're in the process of moving furniture and paperwork over to the new location they're currently operating out of so they can help their customers to the best of their ability.

"Our goal is to complete the remediation in a way that it ensures the problem is resolved and that it doesn't happen again," Oppenheimer said.

Source: News4Jax

Here is a current use of a moldy CAS file.



Carolyn Serenity Just looking for some advice on our ongoing torture with the CAS. My children are with me and my partner in our home. They were removed for six months and have been back with us since August. We are going July 16th as CAS wants another 9 months protection. I have done everything they have ordered and yet every time we go to court they have changed documents from what I was served and have added more conditions. I need a legal aid lawyer that will fight for me and my rights. They even have information on the documents of an incident that happened with my partner when he was 15. He was never charged and took counseling to please the CAS at that time. How can they have information on there that happened to him as a minor?

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...

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