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Honesty is the Worst Policy

March 12, 2013 permalink

Vern Beck reports on a mother who made the mistake of having a candid discussion with a counselor to help with her family problems. The counselor snitched to CAS. Social workers and police came to her home, interviewed her son and arrested her husband. He was restricted under bail conditions forbidding contact with his children. The family is under regular surveillance at school, in their home and by lurking social workers hoping to catch the father visiting his children. Legal bills are mounting and the family may disintegrate in financial distress. The boy who is supposedly being protected is despondent and his school performance has dropped. CAS has the remedy: mind-altering drugs.

Parents should be aware that all professionals dealing with children and families are mandated reporters, and candor will result in the initiation of the family destruction process. Link to Vern Beck's report on Facebook, Canada Court Watch (pdf) and local copy (pdf). CAS hot seat