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Ombudsman Bill to be Introduced

March 24, 2013 permalink

A new bill providing for ombudsman oversight of children's aid is to be introduced in the legislature on Wednesday, March 27. On behalf of Canada Court Watch Attila Vinczer is inviting spectators to attend.

Addendum: Monique Taylor speaks about children's aid with Scott Thompson on CHML. She has educated herself on the issue. YouTube and local copy (mp4).

Addendum: The Toronto Star announces the intention to introduce an ombudsman oversight bill.



Children’s Aid Societies need ombudsman oversight, NDP MPP says

The NDP is trying again to get the CAS brought under the jurisdiction of the ombudsman’s office.

NDP MPP Monique Taylor is determined to bring ombudsman oversight to the Children’s Aid Societies to protect their charges from being victimized.

Taylor is to reintroduce her private member’s bill in the legislature Wednesday to open up the CAS to the ombudsman’s scrutiny. Her first one died after second reading when then premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued the house.

“There is a litany of stories of abuse,” said the Hamilton Mountain MPP, who noted the NDP has been calling for years to bring municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals and the CAS under the ombudsman purview.

Her concerns were recently highlighted by the story of a now 20-year woman who was turned over, along with her brother, by the Toronto CAS to a non-biological parent, when she was two years old. Mac Bool Hassan, 49, was recently convicted of sexually and physically abusing her for eight years.

“This is just one more reason . . . this is absolutely outrageous and sickening what happened to this young woman,” said Taylor, pointing out that bringing the CAS under the auspices of the ombudsman, according to Minister of Children and Youth Services, is not a priority for the Liberal government.

Since its inception in 1975 the Ontario ombudsman’s office has been calling for the CAS to be included in its mandate. About 500 CAS-related complaints are filed annually with the ombudsman’s office even though it has no jurisdiction.

Children and Youth Services Minister Teresa Piruzza said over the last several years the government has taken steps to ensure the wellbeing and care of children come first, including “rigorous” background checks are required of those proposing to care for a child.

Source: Toronto Star