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School, and School System, Sued

March 8, 2013 permalink

Over four years ago a school in Newmarket Ontario held two children after hours against their will. The detention came with extortionate threats against their father, Attila Vinczer. Fixcas posted two related articles six months later: [1] [2].

Attila Vinczer has undertaken a lawsuit against the school principal, Stephen Baber and a number of higher-ups in the education system including one-time Education Minister Kathleen O Wynne, now the premier. He is doing so himself, without a lawyer. Most such suits are dismissed contemptuously by the courts at an early stage, but Mr Vinczer has kept his suit alive for years. Recently the suit was set back to filing a new statement of claim, and Mr Vinczer has distributed a draft, along with requests for comment. His remarks on Facebook are enclosed, and you can read his draft statement of claim (pdf). Starting at paragraph 20 is Mr Vinczer's version of what happened at the school. School staff habitually take orders from children's aid, even kidnapping children purely on the word of a caseworker.




I am pleased to announce that the lawsuit against Stephen Baber et al is back on track. You can click the file link below to read the letter to the Attorney General giving them 60 days notice and a draft copy of the Statement of Claim.

This is an opportunity for everyone to suggest what order you would like me to seek within my Statement of Claim regarding matters concerning the conduct of school officials and CAS agencies. This Civil action is in the public, but more importantly, in the interest of our vulnerable children.

You may use this Statement of Claim as a framework to bring Civil action of your own against a school or school officials and the Queen in the Right of Ontario as well as Minsters and Ministries.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not legal advice and is strictly presented as a document that is public information anyone could access at the Courthouse.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch