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Children's Accident Society

April 28, 2013 permalink

car seat for Attard infant

Children's aid advises for the youngest children:

  • Rear-facing infant seat; this seat is used from birth to approximaterly 1 year old (10 kg/22 lbs)

Source: Windsor-Essex CAS
local copy (pdf)

A parent could lose custody of a child for failing to follow this advice. The picture on the right shows how Peel CAS transported a nine-month-old infant.

Pat Niagara

REPOSTED FOR: Jacqueline Attard

This is my 9 month old son I went to a visit on Saturday April 27,2013 when he got to Peel Children's Aid he wasn't facing rear facing like a infant should be... I feel the Children's Aid are baby killers if the volunteer driver got into a car accident my baby wouldn't be here today because of the Children's Aid..... I think the society should really think about the children instead of breaking up great families. I love my son with all of my heart and soul and I don't want to see him or any other child be killed by the neglect of the society

Source: Stop the CAS ...