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Boy Denied Help

February 24, 2013 permalink

When a teenager was pressured by a CAS worker and the police, Vern Beck spoke to the worker in an effort to assist the boy. Dufferin CAS worker Tiffany McCabe hung up the phone on Mr Beck.



Vernon Beck I just spoke a few minutes ago with a worker with the Dufferin CAS, Tiffany McCabe. She was trying to force an almost 15 year old teen to go to the police station to be interviewed by police. She even came out to the mothers home on a Sunday to harass the family.

I spoke to the youth on the phone who told me he wanted nothing to do with the CAS worker and did not want to go with her. Even the local police came to help the CAS bully the mother and her son. When I attempted to speak to the CAS worker on the phone while she was at the home, once I identified myself she said that she felt uncomfortable speaking to me and then hung up the phone.

Wonder why these unregistered workers are afraid to speak in an open and accountable manner with a representative of Canada Court Watch?

Anyone having information about this CAS worker, Tiffany McCabe of the Dufferin CAS or who had dealings with her in the past is pleased asked to contact Canada Court Watch at

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

On the same thread, Chris Carter mentions that the worker's actions are illegal.



If the family explicitly told the worker that they wanted you to be involved but then the worker subsequently refused, the worker violated the family's right under the CFSA's section 1 (2) 3. iv.


Other purposes

(2) The additional purposes of this Act, so long as they are consistent with the best interests, protection and well being of children, are:

3. To recognize that children's services should be provided in a manner that,

iv. includes the participation of a child, his or her parents and relatives and the members of the child's extended family and community, where appropriate.

Source: Child and Family Services Act