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Baby Snatching - Eyewitness Account

December 20, 2012 permalink

Alfredine Linda Plourde was present for the removal of a baby from its young parents. Her eywitness account is enclosed.



Alfredine Linda Plourde

Since 2007, I have been in contact with countless of families involved with Children’s Aid. I have seen it all. I have heard it all. From infant and child apprehension right through to the death of a child held in foster care.

On Wednesday, December 19, 2012, I was asked by a young mother to support her during the apprehension of her young baby. I have had few bad hours in my life, but this was to be one of my worse hours in my life to know I was powerless to do anything to protect that little innocent baby. I witnessed this apprehension by the Child Protective Services (Family and Children’s Services in Niagara). The image of this process will burn into my soul forever. It was shrouded in silence, no media to report details, nor questioning of the workers. All supported heavily by a special detachment team, medical professionals, nurses and hospital staff, security guards, and three police officers. They have a built a huge network with a legal basis for acts of inhumanity by creating the “Enabling Act” which allowed them to do whatever they want.

No surveillance video available for anyone to conduct investigation. I was unable to intervene, even though we came in peace and were not breaking any laws. We were three people witnessing the horror of apprehending children at birth first hand, and to support the young mother. We had camera but were not allowed to use it. We had a video cam were not allowed to use it. To witness the agony and the despair of the young couple with my own eyes, and the atrocities and the destruction of family right here in my own country was almost too much to bear. I felt like I was a prisoner caught up in warfare.

That innocent baby victim had little choice but to experience the same horrors at his parents, as they are specific targets increasing countless number of child victims by the big corporations especially since Bill 179. And so many families have been tarred by a reputation that was undeserved.

Source: Facebook, Protecting Canadian Children