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Profane Christmas

December 27, 2012 permalink

A mother with children under Ottawa children's aid care received a warm Christmas card signed by her two children. What's wrong with this picture? The children are too young to understand what a Christmas card is. The greetings are fake, signed by a social worker. To simplify wishes-in-bulk, CAS used a French language card for an English language family.

Click for the Christmas card. Expand for a form letter accompanying the card and comments by Jane Scharf who found this profane greeting.



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The Children's Aid
Society of Ottawa
La Société de l'aide
à l'enfance d'Ottawa


The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa-Carleton Liaison Services facilitates non-identifying exchanges between birth and adoptive family members where this is part of the openness agreement made when a child is placed for adoption. The Society supports all forms of openness as there is much research and practice experience to indicate that openness is in the best interest of adopted persons.

The number of annual exchanges and the specific items exchanged (letters, cards, pictures, gifts) are defined through a Liaison Agreement created at the time of the adoption placement. The Liaison Agreement also establishes when the exchanges can be expected. The adoptive parents, as the legal guardian of the child(ren), determine these details in discussion with the adoption worker based on what is most meaningful and beneficial to the child(ren). The adoptive parents will receive all agreed upon correspondence from the birth parents through Liaison Services. It is expected that the adoptive parent will share the material with their child(ren) as they deem beneficial and age-appropriate for the child(ren). Copies of each exchange are stored in the liaison files. Your child(ren) may retrieve this material from the Society when they are adults.

We recommend that the adoptive and birth parents use first names in these correspondences and send general, non-identifying updates to one another, including how the child(ren) enjoy school and activities they are participating in, general health and a glimpse into one another's interests and personality. All appropriate material received is forwarded to the intended recipient.

Please address all correspondence to Liaison Services, Adoption Unit, Children's Aid Society of Ottawa / La Societe de l'aide a l'enfance d'Ottawa, 1602 Telesat Court, Gloucester, ON K1B 1B1. If you are dropping off your exchange in person please leave at the front desk or in the mail room. Drop-offs and pick-ups may be done Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. or Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If the mail room is closed Security will assist you. All appropriate material received is forwarded to the intended recipient. Please notify Liaison Services, Adoption Department when your address or phone contacts change or to revise the Liaison Agreement. This will help ensure these exchanges continue in a timely manner.

Thank you for participating in this valued program.

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1602 cour Telesat Court • Gloucester • ON • K1B 1B1
Tel/tél: (613) 747-7800 • Fax/téléc: (613) 747-4456 •

Jane Scharf

Just when I thought I saw it all with CAS another outrage hits. This time it is in form of a Christmas card to a mother who had both her children abducted by fraud by CAS. The card is from a random CAS worker who the mother doesn't know and the card to the mother says: "to our birth mother...we pray for you every day and we love you." These are infants who would not even know what prayer is. Tucked into the card is a form letter not addressed to the mother but signed by the random Ottawa CAS worker N. Collins and it goes on about how the CAS believes in openness and how the mother can send non identifying material to the CAS and they will keep it in file until the children are adults. All contact with her children was cut off in April and this is the first the mother heard of this so called policy. I screamed over this SO CALLED MERRY CHRISTMAS CARD WHERE THEY ALSO MENTION THAT THEY PRAY "THAT GOD WILL BLESS YOU RICHLY IN THE UPCOMING YEAR. The expression belly of the beast comes to mind.

Source: Facebook