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Neglect by CAS

November 22, 2012 permalink

There is no way to know what really happened in this case, but authorities are showing no interest in checking it out.

Helen Smith I need some advice and help. My grandson who is 9 months old, and in the care of the Brantford Children's Aid was left in his carseat locked in a car parked for 2 hours or more alone because apparently CAS forgot he was in the car. The CAS didn't notify the police or mom that he was left in the car at the time it happened and CAS has been trying to sweep this under the table and want no external investigation. How can this occur? If a family left their baby in a parking lot while they shopped in a mall for a couple of hours the police would be involved and charges laid. So why is it okay the Brantford CAS can do this and nothing happens? I need to expose them to take responsbility of what happened to my grandson and thank God that the weather and temperatures were mild, they didn't even have him checked out by the doctors. They called it a unfortunate incident. Please I need some advice and help so this doesn't happen to other children in their care.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

Here is a case in which two children were made crown wards after being left in a car for two and a half hours. The Children’s Aid Society of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo v. R.C. heard September 2, 2008.

baby in carseat