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Propaganda Lesson

December 8, 2012 permalink

In a brief four-minute interview FACS Niagara child welfare supervisor Bernardine Qua provides examples of several standard techniques of propaganda. The video is in the source link or local copy (flv).

  • Virtue words:
    adoption, specialized needs, kin community, opportunity, permanency, stability.
  • Managing the news:
    Ad nauseam:

    This interview is part of an endless campaign of media articles favorable to the adoption system.
  • Appeal to authority:
    Qua mentions legislation and the courts.
  • Lying and deception:
    Qua says FACS works diligently to reunite children with their birth families or extended family. Reality is that CAS leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to permanently separate children and parents.
  • Disinformation:
    • more is known about the older child.
      Not mentioned: adoption agencies typically conceal negative information about the adoption prospect.
    • courts are part of decision making, creating transparency.
      In real life, family courts are secret (confidential).
    • legislation requires permanent plans for children.
      Reality: most stay in foster (temporary) homes until age of majority.
  • Demonizing the enemy:
    Parents are tagged with the phrases: mental health, drug abuse, parental learning disability, lack of capacity to parent.
  • Thought-terminating cliché:
    We are about finding the right home for a child, not a child for a home.
  • Transfer:
    (Projecting the qualities of one person or group on to another). Qua tells the anecdote of the adopters who fell in love with the hearing-impaired blind boy. So all adopters are driven by charitable motives.

Background music does not appear in the list of techniques, but adds to the effect. Qua also uses her forum to pitch political correctness. Adopters can be single men or women, or same-sex couples (even traditional families!). Targeted subsidies are available to low-income adopters.

There is one attached comment from a real parent giving the other side.



FACS raising awareness of adoption and related issues

National Adoption month just ended in November, which is a time that helps build awareness of adoption and adoption-related issues.

Please view this video with Family and Children’s Services (FACS) Bernadine Qua, a child welfare supervisor at the Niagara Falls location.

One Comment on "FACS raising awareness of adoption and related issues"

“Why kids are in care?” Educate yourself. Investigate the 2 above websites.

The 47 CAS/FACS get 1.5 BILLION dollars each year in funding. 63% of that is for the salaries of the employees. It is child kidnapping for money organization.

There are approx. 50 civil lawsuits against CAS/FACS.

When my family files 51.

They took my 7 yr old child from a house and he was never in any peril or danger.

2 weeks later in CAS custody, he became a abuse victim.

They have not and will not, admit responsibility. In fact they have stated they did nothing wrong. All the people, the CAS office director, case worker, ocl lawyer, and foster home are still open and operating and being paid.

CAS/FACS is the most dangerous and funded child taking for paycheck organization in Canada.

Source: Bullet News Niagara