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Judge Muzzles Teen

November 29, 2012 permalink

A family court in Hamilton has found an unusual way of shutting up a teenager. In most family court proceedings, parties are heard only by affidavit. A teenager trying to put his case before the court found that judge Cheryl Lafrenière had spread the word among local lawyers to refuse to attest his affidavits.



Vernon Beck ‎(Nov 29, 2012)

It has been brought to the attention of Canada Court Watch that several legal officials including lawyers and legal professionals who have a sworn duty to promote the administration of justice have refused to witness the affidavit of a teenager because they felt "uncomfortable" with the contents of the teen's affidavit.

The teen's affidavit mentioned the name of Madame Justice Lafreniere of the Hamilton Court for obstructing justice by ordering staff at the courthouse to refuse to sign an affidavit from the teen should he come into the courthouse to have his affidavit sworn. Eventually, the teen did manage to find one ethical lawyer in Hamilton who did what he was supposed to do and witness the teen's signature.

It is not the role of legal professionals to be "screening" what witnesses put before the court. This in itself is an obstruction of justice.

The teen will be filing a complaint about his experience with the legal system and those professionals who have an obligation to witness affidavits. It is no wonder why many citizens in Canada are losing respect for the justice system in their own country. Court Watch will publish the complaint from the teen once it becomes available.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch