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Adoptive Mother Killed

November 28, 2012 permalink

In New Mexico adopted teenager Tony Day has killed his adoptive mother Sue Day and her adult daughter Sherry Folts. His further efforts to kill a foster baby were thwarted by a foster teenager in the home.



Teen admits to killing adoptive mom, sister

14-year-old charged in double homicide

TUCUMCARI, N.M. (KRQE) - A 14-year-old Tucumcari boy has been charged with killing his adoptive mother and sister.

The family has taken in more than 80 foster kids in the last seven years.

And CYFD says one of those other kids prevented the teen from killing the rest of the family.

Police are still processing the scene.

The victims' bodies are still inside the home and officials say there was a 9-month-old foster child inside when the murder happened.

State police investigated Tuesday afternoon that is about three miles west of tucumcari.

Monday night state police got a disturbing call.

They say 14-year-old Tony Day killed his mom, 67-year-old Sue Day and her daughter, his adoptive sister, 49-year-old Sherry Folts.

Police say the teen confessed when they arrested him Monday night.

“He did give us indication he stabbed Sherry Folts and shot Sue Day,” Capt. Ryan Suggs said.

CYFD says the family has fostered children for years.

They adopted Tony two years ago.

They also adopted another 16-year-old boy and were fostering a 9-month-old child.

CYFD says it's the 16-year-old who saved that baby's life.

“He basically wrestled with his adopted brother, taking him to the ground, knocked out his two front teeth and stopped him from what was about to go on,” CYFD spokesperson, Enrique Knell, said.

As police gather evidence neighbors can't believe what happened.

“We've never had any major problems in this area. There's no traffic…It's a dead end and this is highly unusual,” their neighbor, Charlie Aragon, said.

Charlie Aragon says sometimes he would give the boys a ride to school.

Just like police he has one question, why?

“Right now he hasn't given us any indication. No motives or reasons and we're still looking at that. It's hard for anyone to make sense of a crime like this,” Capt. Suggs said.

Tony Day is charged with two counts of murder.

He's being held without bond at the Quay County Jail.

CYFD says they've had complaints about the days and their foster children, but never found any evidence of abuse.

The baby girl is fine and staying with a different foster family.

Source: KASA