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Messy Home

November 1, 2012 permalink

Chatham-Kent Access Centre
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The enclosed picture shows a messy home, a littered room with a stained, uncleaned carpet and disorganized fabric hanging from shelves. It's the kind of place that social workers cite as justification for taking a child away from mom and dad. But this is the waiting room at the Chatham-Kent Access Centre, the place where parents have to wait to visit children under court supervision. Any food brought for the children must be prepared here, using the microwave oven, but without water or a sink.

Since this photo was posted to Facebook two weeks ago, has CAS moved to clean it up? Not at all. They have removed the microwave oven, and started searching visitors, patting them down for cameras or recording devices. An employee sits in the room all day.


Darlene Duplessis As of right now...since this post..this room has been cleaned up. The carpets have been removed, the room has been painted and the small appliances have been replaced with new....IT'S JUST TO took SHAME to get them to clean up thier room! (much llike dealing with children) now to get them to clean up their act!

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch