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Real Child Protection

September 9, 2012 permalink

When Darrell Krushelnicki spotted a Pontiac driven by John Troy Heitzman speeding toward four children in a crosswalk, he deliberately rammed his Hummer into the car, pushing it out of the way. Real child protector Darrell Krushelnicki sacrificing his Hummer stands in contrast to cynical social workers stealing children for public funding.



Edmonton hummer hero won't see insurance hike

Hummer belonging to Darrell Krushelnicki
This is the damaged Hummer belonging to Darrell Krushelnicki as it awaits repairs in Edmonton on Sept. 5, 2012. Krushelnicki drove his Hummer into the path of a speeding car to prevent the driver of an oncoming car from hitting four children in a crosswalk.
Photograph by: Bruce Edwards , Edmonton Journal

A man who purposely drove his Hummer into another car to save four young pedestrians doesn't need to worry about his insurance going up.

Darrell Krushelnicki of Taber was leaving Bonnie Doon Mall last week when he noticed a potentially dangerous situation.

A car in the far lane was showing no signs of slowing down even as other cars were stopped to let four children use a crosswalk.

Krushelnicki says the driver was on his cellphone and didn't appear aware of the situation, so he made the split-second decision to pull out and let his own vehicle get hit instead.

Even though Krushelnicki was the one who instigated the collision, Rosa Nelson of Intact Insurance says he won't be held liable.

His deductible will be waived and police have said he will face no charges.

"We believe that insurance is about people, not things," said Nelson. "We appreciate that thanks to Darrell's quick response, four children were un-harmed last week while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk."

A Facebook group has started to commend Krushelnicki, who has been dubbed the "Hummer Hero."

The driver of the other vehicle has been charged with dangerous driving.

Source: Edmonton Journal