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Let Sleeping Social Workers Lie

August 16, 2012 permalink

In Scotland Dean Reekie has lost his job for kissing a sleeping social worker. Fixcas agrees that kissing a social worker should be grounds for dismissal.



Fife care worker struck off for misconduct

A Fife care worker has been struck off for misconduct.

Members of a Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) sub-committee found Dean Reekie (45) guilty of two charges.

They included an accusation that he kissed a female colleague as she slept at a children's residential care home in 2009.

The hearing in Dundee found that he had, while on duty, assaulted a female colleague at the location by touching her upper body and kissing her while she was asleep, causing her to awaken in a state of distress.

The sub-committee also concluded that, at the same location on a date last year and, while on duty, he placed two service users at unnecessary risk of harm by allowing them to leave the premises unaccompanied and contrary to their care plans.

Grant Brown, SSSC solicitor, argued that Mr Reekie's behaviour had been ''fundamentally incompatible'' with the social services register, adding his belief that it would seriously undermine the confidence of the public in the SSSC to keep Mr Reekie on the register.

He said: ''There has not been any insight or remorse whatsoever. He took advantage of a colleague that was sick and who needed assistance.''

However, Mr Brown did go on to say that Mr Reekie had ''many years of experience'' adding that ''he does have good previous history.''

Reporting their findings, the sub-committee concluded: ''In the view of the serious nature of the misconduct ... removal is a fair and proportionate measure.''

Although not present for the verdict, Mr Reekie had represented himself for much of the process, contesting the charges levelled against him.

After learning of the sub-committee's decision he put his case forward to not be removed from the SSSC's register.

He vowed to try to clear his name.

Source: Courier, Tayside and Fife

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