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Picton Rally

July 28, 2012 permalink

A rally for accountability took place in Picton Ontario on July 27. In the enclosed comments Curtis Kingston expresses his disappointment with the turnout. Rallies cannot be effective until people turn up at events they have committed to support. Photos: [1] [2].



Curtis Kingston This rally was a success as the weather was great and we did have a huge amount of support from the community and we even has two people stop to hold signs with us and somebody paid for our parking. The media was also in attendance and are going to be writing articles on this rally.

Although this rally was a success I am in fact extremely disappointed and unimpressed with the simple fact that if it were not for my father coming with me at the last minute because I asked him to, I would have been the only person there holding signs until the people walking down the street wanted to join me!

I understand that there was good reasons for some people but this is actually the only rally I have held so far that I could have actually been alone and this rally was planned for weeks and the schedule was even set on purpose for certain people to make it that didn't show.

And one of the biggest problems was trying to explain to the media about our lack of people as when they got there it was just me and my father but I think I handled that well enough but we will have to wait and see when the articles are published.

This rally could have been amazing with more people as even though it was just me and my father, I believe that considering the low amount of foot traffic where we where, we received more support for the amount of people than any other place by far.

I hope the Belleville rally next Friday will have a better turnout because I am certain that we will have media there as well and we will need more people than just me and my father.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch