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Baby Swap

July 24, 2012 permalink

Mother Heather Kaminsky, who lost two children to child protectors in Florida, fled to Kentucky and traded her third baby to friends Jeremy and Jamiee Brown in exchange for a pickup truck later sold for $800 plus drugs. All three adults have been arrested and the baby is in the hands of Kentucky social services.



Couple Trades Truck for Baby

Jeremy Brown and Jamiee Brown

A Kentucky couple pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that they traded their truck for a baby.

Husband and wife Jeremy and Jamiee Brown are accused of trading their 1999 Dodge Dakota pickup truck with the mother of a newborn baby boy, Heather Kaminsky.

"It sounds outlandish; it really does," admits Lt. Rodney Van Zant of the Laurel County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators say Kaminskey, a 30-year-old from Corbin, is also wanted on methamphatimine charges.

Deputies say she was living in Florida, and Social Services there had already taken two children from her.

"She fled to Kentucky to have the child and avoid that child being taken by Social Services," says Lt. Van Zant.

Investigators say the trade happened in January, not long after Kaminsky gave birth.

Since then, the baby boy, now 6-months-old, was raised at Kaminsky's childhood friend Jaimee Brown's home..

"I honestly believe they had the best intentions," says Lt. Van Zant. "But the way they went about it was the wrong way."

Investigators say Kaminsky eventually sold the truck for $800 and meth.

The Browns face human trafficking charges and up to 20 years in jail if convicted.

Investigators say the baby boy shows no signs of abuse, and is with Social Services.

Authorities are working with Florida police to find Kaminsky.

Source: KSEE

Mother Who Allegedly Traded Baby For Truck Arrested In Florida

The mother who allegedly traded her newborn baby for a truck has been arrested in Florida.

Heather Kaminsky, 30, is being held at the Putnam County jail. Kaminsky allegedly traded her baby to Jaimee and Jeremy Brown in Laurel County for a 1999 Dodge Dakota.

The Browns have both pleaded not guilty to human trafficking. They're expected back in court August 17.

There is no word on when Kaminsky will be returned to Kentucky.

Source: LEX 18 Lexington, KY

From the looks of things, this seems to be a case of long-time friends helping each other out. The state of Kentucky intervened with the assertion of trafficking where it did not really apply. Maybe social services felt threatened by the private, and informal, competition.