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Breadner Honored

July 12, 2012 permalink

Dufferin CAFS has given the Gary Putman Award to Marianne Breadner. Following the celebratory article in the Orangeville Citizen is an example of the method used by Mrs Breadner to maintain her unblemished reputation.



Gary Putman Award winner chosen

Jennifer Moore, Marianne Breadner, Trish Keachie, Wayne Patterson
Jennifer Moore, Marianne Breadner (winner), Trish Keachie, Wayne Patterson

The winner of the Gary Putman Award was presented to Marianne Breadner at Dufferin Child and Family Services’ Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. Marianne was chosen from four nominees for her development and leadership, on a volunteer basis, of a social drop in group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth in the area. The purpose of this group has been to provide a safe place for LGBTQQ youth in our area – a group of young adults who, collectively, face discrimination on average 26 times a day and who are four times more likely to commit suicide.

Marianne, along with Rae St. Amour started the LGBT Support Group in Dufferin County in March 1999 and they have been involved with over 250 youth between the ages of 14 to 25 years. “Marianne provided on a weekly basis a safe, supportive and informative environment where we could be ourselves and not fear harm, ridicule, harassment, bullying and assaults,” said Adam Diamond, an LGBT Participant and nominator.

The Gary Putman Award was created to recognize a member of the Dufferin County community who has made a significant contribution in improving the health and wellness of children and families, has demonstrated creativity and innovation to advance services in the community, has raised awareness of social issues affecting children and families and has worked collaboratively within the community to enhance services. Marianne Breadner’s contribution spans all these areas.

Gary Putman led Dufferin Child and Family Services for 29 years before retiring as Executive Director in November 2007. In recognition of Gary’s tremendous efforts and dedication to the children and youth of Dufferin County, an annual award was created in his honour.

Dufferin Child and Family Services would like to thank the nominators and congratulate the very deserving nominees – David Waters , Heather Hayes, and, Richard Beaudoin. The response clearly shows that our community cares and has numerous individuals who are committed to the well being of children.

Source: Orangeville Citizen

Below is a letter from the lawyer Robert D Grant alleging an error of fact in the story of Kenneth McQuaid. In over a half megabyte of text, this is the only allegation of an error of fact. To avoid reopening old litigation, the actual alleged error is blotted out.

Kearns, McKinnon LLP Barristers & Solicitors

Peter A Gifford, QC   Frank O Brewster, QC   Robert D Grant   Robert R Berry   Cavan B Acheson   Robin-Lee A Norris   Steven W Pettipiere   D Bryan Holub   Blake M Kurisko   Anja E Nurvo   Fiona M McCrea   Carol S VandenHoek   Sean W Plat   Thomas W R Manes   Owen Haw, Counsel

Celebrating over 100 years of service to our communities

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Arpil 23, 2001

PLEASE REPLY TO: Robert D Grant (ext 112)


Robert T McQuaid
RR #5
Orangeville, Ontario L9W 2Z2

Dear Sir:

We represent the Upper Grand District School Board. Our attention has been directed to Website This site contains libelous material relating to a Child and Youth Counselor with the Upper Grand District School Board, namely Marianne Breadner. The offending portion appears in the Name Index and Glossary to an article authored by you wherein you make reference to Marianne indicating she is "renowned locally for █████-█████████ ████████ ██ ██████"; this statement is false, libelous and highly damaging to both Marianne and to the Board.

We demand that you take immediate steps to remove the libelous material forthwith. We require that the website be so amended by Friday, April 27, 2001 at 12 noon. We are seeking our client's further instructions at that time.

Govern yourself accordingly,

Yours Very Truly,



Robert D Grant



Upper Grand District School Board
500 Victoria Road N
Guelph Ontario N1E 6K2

ATTN: Bill Blackie

Gary Putman award