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An Ontario Family Devastated by Children's Aid Society

July 4, 2012 permalink

Curtis Kingston created and posted a video showing his family before its devastation by CAS. His narrative is enclosed, the video posted Febraury 26, 2012 is on YouTube and a local copy (mp4). Music: Home performed by Michael Bublé.



Curtis Kingston

I was just looking through my videos again and saw this video that I had created while my three siblings where still being held hostage by the private corporate Children's Aid Society for the sole purpose of their own financial gain and I got a little emotional viewing it again but I figured I would post it again.

This video reflects on how my family was before the CA$ came in and destroyed us forever! These children were returned home on March 2nd 2012 against the societies wishes but this would have never happened had it not been for my families sheer determination and also a well educated advocate from Canada Court Watch by the name of Attila Vinczer and I will be forever grateful for the help that we received in this time of need.

Even though they have been returned home, this traumatic event has scared my family for the rest of our lives and because of the society I myself still to this day cannot see or have any contact with my siblings which is in fact almost unbearable in of itself but I know that eventually I will be able to see them again which makes me feel better.

For people that don't know, this is the reason that I have spent almost every waking moment of every day helping other children and families individually in dealing with these monsters!

I have taken allot of emotional and even physical hits recently on myself as a direct result of being an advocate but I have also had successes and every time that I have bad things happen because of this I just think of what happened to my family and how what I am doing is helping other families from preventing this to happening to them, getting children returned home and raising awareness in newspapers and television and in the end I am simply helping the cause the best way that I can so that one day, what happened to me and my family never happens to anyone ever again!

I will never give up and just stand on the sidelines and allow this to happen to other people. I have been putting my 110% best into trying to help and will not stop for anything and I will be forever grateful for all of the other great people who have been doing this allot longer than I have and I will continue to do my best no matter what happens.

Thanks everyone for all the great work that you all are doing for children and families!

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch