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Incompetent and Intellectually Inadequate Bureaucrats

August 9, 2012 permalink

A British news source takes up the issue of supplying babies for gay and lesbian couples after taking them by force from the real parents. It includes analysis of phony research supporting gay and lesbian parental skills, financial rewards for adoptions, and the helplessness of real parents confronting the social services juggernaut.




Cornwall council spent a rumoured £2,6000 on a Town Hall jolly aimed at getting more Cornish kids adopted by homosexual, lesbian, and sex-change couples.

The bash at County Hall celebrated gay adoption, inviting same-sex couples to put their names up as prospective parents to children social workers had taken from their real parents.

The event comes at the height of a nationwide furore over civil rights abuses by social workers, implicated in Britains forced adoption child abuse scandal.

The ongoing story centres around innocent children being forcibly abducted in secret from their parents by social workers for public money

‘New Labour’ Prime Minister Tony Blair brought in adoption ‘targets’ for social workers and rewarded the local authorities who took most children from their natural families with £100s of £1,000s in Whitehall funding.

The scheme was scrapped amidst public outrage in 2008, as, despite the total censorship of the reviled family court division, desperate parents went public with their stories of child-snatching.

But the ethos remains in local councils and in the secretive world of social services, and more and more scandalous abuses are coming to light.

The bash at Town Hall this year took place as if the forced adoption scandal ‘had never happened’, insiders say.

It placed Cornwall council alongside just 18 of the UK’s many public authorities prepared to give over public time and money to the official pro-adoption cause.

Council officers boasted that the unusual event was part of Britain’s “first ever LGBT adoption and fostering week”.

The public authority announced: “The event will encourage people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities to consider becoming adopters and foster carers.”

The bizarre pronouncement, after conceding that following the national forced adoption scandal figures were “at a ten year low”, cited an academic study which came out in support of gay adoption.

It claimed: “At a time when adoption figures are at a 10 year low, a new study carried out by LGBT adoption support charity New Family Social in partnership with Cambridge University shows lesbian and gay people often have the right mix of skills and experience to raise children who have been in care, and give them a great new start in life.”

The citation is in fact completely partisan.

The survey in question was by an organisation which although nominally a charity, is actually a single-interest pressure group for gay adoption.

And the ’survey’ in question surveyed the opinions not of the public – but of the social workers who have children adopted.

There is tremendous evidence piling up on uncensored public news and social media platforms that social workers comprise some of officialdoms most incompetent and intellectually inadequate bureaucrats.

Nonetheless the council boasted that: “72% of the 130 social workers surveyed by the charity saw the “amount of energy and enthusiasm” LGBT adopters bring to the process as a significant strength. 76% saw “openness to difference, and supporting a child with a sense of difference” as equally important.”

And they careered on: “The aim of LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week is to provide information for prospective LGBT adopters and foster carers. Cornwall Council’s event is one of 18 being hosted by local adoption and fostering agencies across the UK”

The man responsible for lifting children and babies from their homes and giving them to strangers to raise for money is then quoted.

Nigel Jackson is the Council’s Family Services Placement Manager.

He says: “LGBT people have a key role to play in meeting the urgent need for more new homes for children in care.

“We are keen to encourage more applications from the lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender communities and hope that as many people as possible will come along to our event on 23 February.”

His collaborator Veronica Yates, the Council’s Adoption Services Manager, then pitches in: “Cornwall has now had a number of years successfully assessing, approving and placing children with LGBT adoptive parents”

“We warmly welcome applications from LGBT couples or single people.

“We offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to all our adopters plus support groups directly targeted at LGBT adoptive families.”

The bash at County Hall invited gay adoptive parents to give ‘lectures’ about their parenting.

The parents then explained to visitors how to apply to buy a child through fostering, or legally remove one from another family by adoption.

The director of ‘New Family Social’, the ‘charity’ whose sole cause is to promote gay adoption is Andy Leary May.

He revealed: “More and more LGBT people are choosing adoption and fostering as a way to form a family.

“We want prospective parents to see just how rewarding it can be and how much advice and support is on offer from our huge community of families around the UK”.

The council then claimed that “In Cornwall, there is a long tradition of lesbian and gay couples fostering or adopting.”

They hauled in a lesbian couple from Redruth, referred to cryptically only as ‘Mari and Debbie’, whose adopted son, they explained: “tells his friends he has 2 mums.”

No mention is made anywhere in the release of who the children placed with adoptive couples real parents are, and whether they gave their consent for their children to be taken away, or to be raised by gay or lesbian couples.

The council’s celebration of extremist social engineering seems to have escaped the attention of the corporate-run local papers and Whitehall-policed BBC.

But posters on anti-social service forums got wind of the event and expressed outrage.

One young mum, who asked not to be named for fear of further reprisals, messaged CCN saying: “Three years ago social workers terrorised me and stitched me up when I was at my most vulnerable.

“I turned to them for help and pretty soon I was being blackmailed, bullied, and they were writing and filing reports full of things they had basically made up about me.

“In the end I turned up at my parents house one day to find the ‘SS’ had been in with the police and dragged my children away.

“Today I have no idea where they are, and no right to do anything about it.”

She went on: “As far as I’m concerned social workers are scum. Adoption and Fostering is a big money racket. They’re like baby farmers.

“You can’t know what they’re like until it’s happened to you: people like to kids themselves there are all these children out there from terrible abusive homes, born to junkies and young children.

“It’s nonsense. There’s a massive ‘multi-agency’ machine which kicks in the minute anyone phones social services and it’s all geared towards taking kids away.

“It’s terrifying, and no-one believes us because it’s all kept secret.”

For an independent insight into the business of adoption log on to this uncensored Facebook page.

You may also wish to read the uncensored national newspaper UK Column on the issue, or attend some of the public meetings being held with a view to ending Britain’s ‘child stealing by the state’ scandal, to form your own independent opinion.

We sent the council requests for confirmation of the £2,600 figure an insider gave us and a series of supplementary questions about the ethics of the event this morning (Thurs).

We’re hoping for a full reply later.

Source: Cornwall Community NEWS