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Adopted to Death

July 27, 2012 permalink

Michigan child protectors took four boys from parents Faith Baden and husband Kevin, terminated their parental rights and placed all four for adoption with Steven Pribbernow Sr and Jessica L Saylor. It was a subsidized adoption, one where the adopters conserved their subsidy by underfeeding the children. Six years after the boys were taken from their parents, an adoptive brother murdered one of them and injured two others. The fourth boy escaped by being in jail at the time. The adoptive mom excluded the real mother from her son's funeral. The entire story, from the point of view of the mother is enclosed. Other reports give the boys' birth surname as McBride.



Faith and Kevin Baden of Michigan had no way of knowing that six years, after Michigan DHS/CPS caseworkers secretly took their children out of school as they were appearing in court to stop CPS from putting their kids into temporary foster care, that their son Justin would end up being murdered in an abusive adopted home.

Faith Baden has five boys. Her oldest son is handicapped and is in a group home. Her other four boys, Paul, Justin, Kevin and Kody were unjustly taken away from her and her husband by the corrupt cps system in the state of Michigan. Faith and her husband Kevin are fighting to save their sons Kevin and Kody Pribbernow who are still in an abusive home in Michigan. Kody is 14 years old, and Kevin is16.

November 7, 2003 While Faith and Kevin were appearing in court, because Michigan CPS wanted to put their children into temporary foster care, unknown to Faith and Kevin, their boys, Paul, Justin, Kevin and Kody, were being secretly pulled out of school by CPS supervisor Brian Milikin and CPS caseworker Meredith Anne Harris and placed into foster care. Faith and Kevin didn’t know what hit them.

March 8, 2004 CPS caseworker Meredith Anne Harris started procedures for terminating their parental rights in Arenac County, MI. This paper was filed on May 19,2004. Once again, Faith and Kevin were unaware that this was taking place.

Between November 7, 2003 and May 19,2004 the kids remained in foster care, and their parental rights were terminated. The boys were separated, and were in three different foster homes. Their last foster home was the home of Jessica and Steven Pribbernow Sr. The Pribbernows adopted the boys in 2005. Steven Jeffery Lewis was also a foster child in Jessica and Steven Prbbernow’s home for approximately five months before he was adopted and became Steven Pribbernow Jr. Steven is not biologically related to Paul, Justin, Kevin and Kody Prbbernow.

It had been four years since Faith had seen or had any contact with her sons Paul, Justin, Kevin and Kody, when Faith received a letter from Paul in September of 2007. Where she learned Paul was in the Midland County Jail on charges of CSC against his adopted mothers two daughters. Paul had contacted his grandmother to find out how to contact his mother. In the letter Faith received from her son Paul, he told his mother about the abuse that was happening in their adopted home. Paul went on to tell Faith that his youngest brother Kody, was being abused by Jessica the adopted mother. Kody has congenital scoliosis, and has had back surgery for his scoliosis. Kody also has asthma. Paul wrote that he and his siblings were not allowed to eat when they were hungry, and that Kody was stealing food out of the cupboards and taking it to the doghouse at the back of the property to eat. Paul writes his adopted mother would not allow him to get his drivers license because she feared Paul would go home to his biological mother Faith. Paul writes that Jessica told him that she was a paid mom.

After Faith received the letter from Paul, she and Kevin went to the Midland County Jail to see Paul in the fall of 2007. It was the first time she had seen her son in four years. Faith and Kevin visited Paul every month. On Feb 21,2008 Faith and Kevin attended Paul’s sentencing. Paul’s adopted mother Jessica spoke at the sentencing and said that Paul was an animal, that he deserved to die and that she wouldn’t have anymore-foster children in her home. Jessica brought Justin and Steven to the sentencing to see their brother go off to prison. While Kevin was trying to comfort Faith, over Paul going to prison. Faith and Kevin were walking out of the courtroom, Jessica, Joshua, Justin, and Steven came out. Justin and Faith made eye contact, he was crying as well as Faith. Justin had his fists clenched, tears in his eyes, his lower lip was quivering and Jessica screamed out at him not to look at Faith, to keep his eyes on her and to go down the staircase. Faith spoke out and said hi and I love you to Justin. Faith and Kevin got into the elevator; Jessica met them at the lobby doors, and refused to let Justin come out into the lobby until Faith and Kevin had left the courthouse. It would be the last time that Faith would see her son Justin alive.

In 2008-Jessica called the Midland County Police and made a report stating that Faith and Kevin were stalking the kids on the Internet. The police called Faith and Kevin and told them that they needed to back off and to make no further contact or they were going to bring felony charges for stalking against them.

In 2009- Faith and Kevin received a letter from the Midland Prosecuting Attorney stating that they should not try to contact the kids until they turned 18 or they would have charges brought against them and they would go to jail.

On May 31,2009 - Faith received a call from her son Justin at 12:00 am. Faith was shocked to hear her sons voice and that he had called her. Justin had traveled to Lansing by himself, and was getting ready to sign up for the Marines. Justin wanted to let Faith know that he was graduating from high school with a 3.10 GPA. And that he had high achievements in all of his classes. Faith told Justin that she would like to attend his high school graduation. Justin told his mother not to come because Jessica would call the cops if she showed up. Justin gave Faith his email address and told her not to contact him, that he would contact her. Also for her not to put anything on his Myspace page, because Jessica controlled it. Justin wanted to let Faith know that since Paul had gone to prison, that Jessica was treating Steven and him poorly. Jessica was forcing him to sign a lease agreement for him to pay her 150.00 a month until he left the adopted home and entered into the Marines. Justin told Faith that he didn’t want to sign the lease that he wanted to leave Jessica’s home, but that he didn’t want to leave his younger brothers Kevin and Kody behind because he was afraid for their safety. Justin told Faith that his subsidy from the State of Michigan was going to stop when he turned 18. He told Faith he was signing up for eight years in the Marines and would be stationed in San Diego California. Justin told Faith he was going to fly her and Kevin out to San Diego so they could visit and see him at his Marine graduation. Justin told Faith that when he was working that Jessica would take most of his paycheck. Justin told Faith that he had a lot to tell them about his adopted parents. But that he couldn’t tell them until he left his adopted home. Justin wanted Faith and Kevin to know that he never stopped loving them, and that he and his brothers are not allowed to speak about them in there adopted home. But that Kevin and Kody spoke about them all the time and that they want to come home. Justin told Faith that once he had graduated from the Marines that he was coming back home to them, for the holidays.

Almost two years later on August 4, 2009 Faith and Kevin received a call from a girl who was friends with Paul, Justin, Kevin, Kody and Steven. She informed Faith at 3:00 pm that she thought Justin had been murdered that morning Faith logged onto her computer and went to the Midland Daily News web site, where she read in the comments that her son Justin had been murdered he had been stabbed to death, and her two other children Kevin and Kody had also been stabbed and were in the hospital. The stepfather was also stabbed. Faith learned that her children were stabbed by their adopted brother Steven Pribbernow Jr. Faith and Kevin had no idea what condition Kevin and Kody were in. Stunned at the days events they were desperately trying to get information on their conditions.

It was at this time, people began to post comments on the Midland Daily News web site. Some of the comments caught people’s attention. Friends of the boys began posting stories about the abuse that was happening in the adopted home. At the same time Faith had posted her information on the site. Faith was desperately trying to find out about the conditions of her boys Kevin and Kody. The next day August 5, 2009 the Midland Daily News printed the names of the victims. It was then that Faith read her boys names in the paper.

August 6, 2009- Jessica the adopted mother, called Faith and Kevin at their home, and told Faith that Justin had been murdered. Faith had asked Jessica what had happened. Jessica said that she didn’t know, other than Steven had wigged out. Jessica said that she was only going to allow Faith and Kevin 30 minutes to say their goodbyes to Justin, and if they did not agree to the 30 minutes that Faith and Kevin would not be allowed to view Justin at all. Jessica told Faith that if it was up to her, that she and Kevin would not have any rights to say goodbye. At this point the prosecuting attorney Michael Carpenter intervened and they were allowed one hour to view Justin and say their goodbyes. The adopted mother Jessica refused to allow Faith, Kevin and their family to attend Justin’s funeral. Jessica told Faith that if Kevin and Kody were to see her, that it would upset them.

Detective Benzing of the Midland Police Department called Faith and told her to not show up at Justin’s funeral, and that if she did she would be arrested. And that he was calling on behalf of Jessica Saylor.

August 14,2009 Faith and her family went to the funeral home to view Justin. It was at that time when Faith and Kevin met Kimberly Alaniz, who would then become an advocate for Faith and Kevin.

Comments kept being posted on the Midland Daily News web site, and more information was coming out about the adopted home. Faith posted her information on the site and was being treated harshly by others. At this point Jackie Schneider contacted Faith and asked if she needed help in telling her story. Faith began sending documents to Jackie, and it was at this point Jackie began helping Faith contact places for help and became a family advocate. A few months later Kimberly and Jackie would begin working together in helping Faith and Kevin contact various organizations for help.

Jessica Saylor sent Faith and Kevin a letter via her lawyer stating that they needed to stop talking about the Saylor family or they would bring up felony charges against them. Kevin contacted the lawyer and explained the situation. They never heard from Jessica’s lawyer again.

October 12,2009- Jessica Saylor the adopted mother filed for a PPO personal protection order against Faith and Kevin as well as another couple. This couple didn’t know Faith and Kevin prior to Justin’s murder but had met over the Internet. They had reached out to Faith and Kevin after Justin’s murder. All four showed up in court and the judge denied all four PPO, and claims against them that were made by Jessica Saylor.

Justin’s adopted stepbrother Steven Pribbernow was charged as an adult with second-degree murder for the murder of Justin. Steven was also charged with attempted murder of his step dad Joshua Saylor, and his adopted stepbrothers Kevin and Kody. Steven was being held in the Midland County Jail waiting for his preliminary hearing on August 18,2009. In the meantime On September 6 2009 which was Justin’s birthday, Faith went to see Paul in prison to explain what had happened to his brother Justin.

Paul wrote a letter to Steven asking him why he did it. Steven wrote Paul back, telling Paul what had happened. Paul then contacted his mother Faith to let her know that he had received a letter from Steven. Paul then sent Steven’s letter to Faith. Faith received Steven’s letter from Paul in September of 2009. In Steven’s letter he wrote Paul that if Paul hadn’t done what he did to the girls that he wouldn’t have done what he did to his family. Steven’s writes that Jessica had blamed him and Justin for what had happened to the girls. Jessica had forgiven Justin, but refused to forgive Steven for what had happened to her girls. Steven writes that the stress kept building and building, and that he had ran away because Jessica had found out that he had had a girlfriend at Jefferson Middle School. He and his brothers were not allowed to have any girlfriends. Once Jessica found out about his girlfriend, Jessica made Steven call his girlfriend and break up with her. Steven told Jessica no, Jessica slapped him twice across the face. Jessica then made Steven call up his girlfriend and break up with her while Jessica was standing by him. After the call Jessica told Steven that if he didn’t like the rules that he could move out as she had previously told Paul. Jessica told Steven to go write a journal about why he had lied about having a girlfriend, and that she would read it later. Jessica lied to Steven and never re

Source: Facebook, Faith Lynn Baden