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Foster Father Convicted

June 7, 2012 permalink

On June 6 a jury in Picton Ontario found a man guilty of sex crimes committed while acting as a foster father to three teenaged girls. The news articles below, and earlier press reports, do not define the actual acts. According to an informant who has spoken to one of the accusers, it was not oral sex but involuntary intercourse. The abuse was reported to CAS in 2004, but they took no corrective action for six years while it continued.

Enclosed are two press articles, the first gives the facts of the conviction, the second reports CAS outrage at the events without accepting responsibility for placing children in the derelict home, and leaving them there for six years after finding out about the abuses. Following that is a letter from one of the teenaged accusers. For authenticity, it is left in the original wording of a foster teen. The name of the accuser and the accused are replaced by Miss Teen and Foster Malefactor. According to the girl, the abuse never would have happened had she been left with her real mother.



County sex predator convicted

A County foster father has been found guilty of numerous sex crimes against two girls, but was acquitted in relation to similar allegations from a third female complainant.

The jury reached a guilty verdict on six of nine counts late Wednesday morning, following a deliberation that began Monday evening.

The 71-year-old convicted man, who cannot be identified under court order, has been ordered to return to court for sentencing on July 6, but was not placed in custody until that time. The sex criminal senior had been accused of assaulting three girls placed in his care by the Prince Edward County Children's Aid Society over a six-year time frame, starting in 2004.

The three complainants, now in their late teens, testified to being sexual assaulted by the accused over several years during their stay at Wellington, then Bloomfield, foster homes he operated with his wife.

The court heard that complaints were filed to police and CAS officials in Feb. 2005 by two of the complainants, who left the home just months apart, but no charges resulted from the allegations.

The first girl left the home in the summer of 2004. The second came into the home shortly after and lodged the assault complaint while in the home on Feb. 2005, a day after the first girl came forward.

No charges were laid until the fall of 2010, about four months after the July exit from the home by the third girl who complained that she too had sex numerous times with the accused.

A court-imposed publication ban blocks the media from releasing any information that could identify the complainants.

The embargo also extends to the name of the accused, who was found guilty of two counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual touching.

While finding him guilty of the charges stemming from the first and third complainant, the jury declined to convict on any of the allegations brought by the second girl, who left the home in the fall of 2004 after spending six months in the home.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

County CAS decries sex crimes

The County children's aid society said Wednesday it shares the community's outrage at the conviction of the second County foster parent within months to be charged with sexually assaulting children placed in the agency's care.

Following Wednesday's findings of guilt against a 71-year-old former County foster father, convicted of molesting two girls, entrusted in his care by the Prince Edward County Children's Aid Society, the head of the agency released a statement denouncing the man's actions.

Bill Sweet, the County CAS executive director said, “While the verdict can never erase the harm and suffering the victims in this case endured, we sincerely hope that the jury’s findings bring some closure and allows all those involved to move forward.”

He went on to say that the aim of the agency is to ensure the safety of children placed in the care of area families and the expectation is that all families providing care will see to it that the children are “respected and well treated.

“The Children’s Aid Society of the County of Prince Edward will not tolerate the abuse of any of those rights,” he said.

He said internal and external reviews have been carried out at the agency to ensure “we are meeting the most rigorous standards.

“These steps include more transparent and robust process in the investigation of complaints against foster parents,” he said.

He also pointed to the ongoing implementation of “stronger protocols to ensure better communication between supervisors and senior staff at the society, regular compliance checks, reviews and enhanced supervision of foster homes and better training and support of foster homes.”

This is the second case in less than a year that involves sex crime convictions against foster parents who had children placed in their care by the County CAS.

In November 2011, Joe and Janet Turner Holm, a Bloomfield foster couple, pleaded guilty to a litany of charges ranging from possession of child pornography, sexual assault and invitation to sexual touching.

Janet was sentenced to three years in prison and her husband received a four-year sentence.

Backlash from the Holms' fall conviction prompted the county agency to examine its internal policies, which led to the uncovering of a third case, resulting in Ronald Slatter, a 63-year-old Bloomfield man, being charged with sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation. His next appearance is slated for June 20 in a Picton court.

“Without question, this has been one of the most difficult chapters in the long history of the (County CAS),” he said. “With this stage in the legal process now behind us, we rededicate ourselves to our mission: protecting the safety and well being of children in this community.”

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Miss Teen

Belleville, ON

The Belleville Intelligencer
199 Front St. Suite 535
Belleville, ON

Chris Malette - City Editor
Bill Gilski - Regional Managing Editor


Dear Shitholes at the Intelligencer!

My name is Miss Teen. As you are aware, I am one of the victims in the current court case that you are reporting on in Picton where I and two other innocent children were sexually assaulted by Foster Malefactor while in his "Care" at a foster home. I have since been dealing with the enormous amount of stress and depression due to what happened to me 8 years ago in that sad excuse for a home.

I completely understand that because of the publication ban that is on this case, the Intelligencer has no choice but to leave the names and any other identifying information for anyone involved in the case including myself, the other victims and the awful excuse for a man that did this to us but this is no excuse for the Intelligencer's sad disgusting portrayal of what is really going on in this case and I believe that the intelligencer is purposely attempting to make Foster Malefactor look innocent and make me and the other two victims look like liars even though anyone sitting in the courtroom knows that this is not what is really going on.

I am not sure why you are doing this but I want you to know that this suppression of the facts of how the case is really playing out and making Foster Malefactor look completely innocent and us like liars seems like the Intelligencers way of further victimizing me and the other victims by causing us further harm and unnecessary depression and anguish that we certainly do not need at this time!

Just look in the mirror and think about how you people would feel if you were victimized like we were and then received the same disrespect and disregard to the truth from the media as you are doing to us girls.

I just really hate how you guys are portraying this and publishing lies about how this is really playing out.

I am also extremely angry at the Intelligencer's horrible and immature response to a letter that was written to you by a good friend of mine on May 17th 2012 that touched on not only the way that you are portraying this case but also how you are not doing any real investigation and/or possibly censoring anything to do with the Children's Aid Society.

The person that wrote that letter is extremely educated on how the CAS really operates and has also been helping me along with other great advocates in this time were I really need support so when I see the Intelligencer laughing at him and making him sound like he is just crazy I just want to let you know that he is not crazy, Unlike the Intelligencer, he is trying to help expose the extreme corruption, lies, deceit and the shear amount of damage that they do all the time to innocent children and families.

I just want you to know that while your newspaper is writing all of this horrible bullshit propaganda that makes the CAS look like great people, they in fact have lots of deep dark dirty secrets that you are helping them suppress and they never helped me at all. In fact they did much more damage than good, for one thing if I were never taken from my loving mother, this horrible chapter in my life would have never happened to me and my life would have been allot better without their involvement. Even worse is the fact that these people act like they are here to help and then they took me from my loving mother and put me into a home where they let this happen to me even after I told them about it, they let it continue for years and they did not care! Does this sound like a bunch of great people to you?

I believe that the reason that they allow this to happen is so that they do not look bad. This is because they always have a complete disregard for "The best interest of the child". All they really care about is the best interest of themselves and their paychecks!

They do not care what happens to us when we are in their "Care" because they are already getting paid!

These people in my opinion take children from good homes because they are a private corporation and get money for every child that they can abduct.

They abducted me for no reason and look what happened to me!

I really hope that your newspaper goes out of business as all that you are doing is lying about everything that you publish and because of this, you are a sad excuse for a media organization and you are hurting allot of people.


Miss Teen

PS, I just wish that you had some respect for us girls because you don't know what happened to us behind closed doors!


Terry Bush - Editor, EMC Belleville

Adam Bramburger - Editor, The Picton Gazette

Todd Smith - MPP

Source: private communication

The accused maintains his innocence even after conviction and plans to appeal.



Sex criminal insists he's innocent

A county foster parent convicted of numerous sex crimes remains defiant as he awaits a judge's decision on the duration of his penitentiary term.

The Wellington man says he's innocent and intends to fight for his freedom in the wake of a Picton jury finding him guilty, last month, of six counts stemming from the repeated sexual abuse of two girls placed in his care by the embattled Prince Edward County Children's Aid Society.

“I'm fighting this,” said the 71-year-old, while exiting a Picton Court Friday. “I'm innocent.”

The man, who can't be named due to a court ordered publication ban aimed at protection the identity of the victims, remains steadfast that he has been wrongfully accused and convicted.

His stance was also confirmed by defence lawyer, Mike Pretsell, who informed Justice Jennifer Blishen that his client “plans to appeal the matter” despite being found guilty of molesting the two girls who were nine and 10 at the time the acts occurred.

A pre-sentence report, tabled before the hearing, also confirmed that the offender maintains his innocence ... even making disparaging remarks towards his accusers. Pretsell asked Blishen to avoid viewing his client's stance as an aggravating feature during her sentencing consideration.

That was disputed by Crown attorney, Jodi Whyte, who said his utter lack of understanding of the verdict, coupled with the hurtful remarks, towards the victims is telling of his inability to show remorse.

“He holds these girls in contempt,” Whyte said.

Trading in the formal attire he wore throughout the trial for jeans and running shows, the man seemed prepared for his impending fate Friday afternoon.

His trip to the Millhaven correctional facility was delayed, however, due to a late start of the sentencing hearing, caused by a sudden family emergency faced by Blishen, who requested additional time to draft a sentence.

The hearing was adjourned until Aug. 17 and he will be confined to house arrest until that date, despite attempts by the Crown to have his bail revoked.

The visibly disgruntled sex criminal, who cared for at least a dozen young children over a seven-year period that ended in 2010 after the third complainant came forward, told The Intell that he refutes what he called inaccuracies presented at trial.

“I feel I did a wonderful job as a foster parent,” he said.

He was in the midst of divulging additional comments before being ushered away by his bewildered wife, who demanded that he remain mum.

The hearing also featured sentencing submissions from both defence and the prosecution along with the filing of a handful of victim impact statements, including those of the two girls now in their late teens.

During the reading of her statement, one of the victims said she's caged in by the “disgusting details” of being forced into a sexual affair with a man she considered a father.

“I despise what you did to those other girls,” she said, while staring towards her abuser.

The 17-year-old, chastised him for robbing her of her innocence and ability to trust. While acknowledging her inability to reclaim what he took, she vowed to not let her damaging experience ruin her.

The two victims, now in their late teens, testified to being sexually assaulted by the accused over several years during their stays at Wellington, then Bloomfield, foster homes he operated with his wife.

The court heard that complaints were filed to police and CAS officials in Feb. 2005 by one of the complainants, but no charges resulted from the allegations.

No charges were laid until the fall of 2010, about four months after the July exit from the home by the third girl who complained that she too had sex numerous times with the accused.

He was found guilty of two counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual touching.

While finding him guilty of the charges stemming from those two complainants, the jury declined to convict on any of the allegations brought by a third girl, who also testified at the trial. The Crown is asking for a minimum 10-year term, while Pretsell contend that five to six year term would be more fitting considering his client's age.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Addendum: A month later the Wellington Times gives a thoughtful opinion.



Demand answers

The accusations against a man now convicted of sexually abusing two children in his care were made to police and the Children’s Aid Society in 2005— seven years ago. A then-11 year old told police and her Children’s Aid Society caseworkers that the man being paid to care for her was having sex with her in his home—a home he shared with his wife and other children.

The police and the Crown anguished over what to do but concluded they didn’t have sufficient evidence to make charges stick in 2005. Presumption of innocence is a key pillar in our judicial system and the burden of proof must be compelling. If the Crown had pushed and failed, it may have jeopardized any chance of convicting the man in the future. It was the word of an 11-year-old girl against that of a man in his sixties.

It was a sad and disappointing outcome. The young girl had battled through the domineering and oppressive control of her foster parent and brought the horrifying details of his abuse out into the open. Yet nothing happened. Justice did not come.

But things were about to get unimaginably worse. Rather than find a new place for her to live, the Children’s Aid Society sent her back to the home of the man she accused of abusing her.

It would take another five years of abuse— and two more young girls to come forward with accusations against the man—before charges were laid. In the meantime, she was forced to endure the most despicable violation— day after day. Knowing that no one was coming to save her. There would be no escape from this hell.

As she explained in a statement at the man’s sentencing hearing last week, she was forced to grow up much earlier than a child ever should.

She says she is stronger. She is clearly determined and driven. Yet it is hard to imagine how she endured—how she survived. Particularly since the individuals and institutions charged with protecting her were the very ones either abusing her, or putting her in harm’s way. She says no one can understand what she has endured.

Only after charges were laid in 2010 did the CAS finally remove children from this man’s care.

The now 71-year-old man is set to spend a goodly portion, if not all, of his remaining days on this earth in prison, pending an appeal of his conviction.

There is another culprit that has yet to be dealt with, however.

The CAS had enough information in 2005 that it should not have sent a vulnerable child back into this evil home. Even if there were holes in the 11 year old’s story—why take the risk? Why did she have to go back there? Were there no other options?

Perhaps there wasn’t enough evidence to bring a conviction in 2005, but there were plenty of warning signs that should have prevented the CAS from even considering sending this girl back in there. There were enough suspicions that they ought to have removed all the children in the care of this man and his wife.

This case reveals fundamental and unforgivable breaches of the responsibility we have entrusted to this public agency. CAS exists precisely to protect vulnerable children from harm. The state puts these children in CAS care to ensure their safety.

Yet it is clear now that the CAS has, instead of protecting children, put several children in this community in harm’s way. It failed to heed warnings that bad things were happening to children in its care. It is, at least partly, responsible for what happened to these children. They cannot hide behind ignorance, due process or vague promises to do better. They had one primary duty and they failed.

This agency must be held to account for its actions. The board must step in and clean house. It is clear now that there is rot in this organization. It must be exposed and cleared out. If the board won’t do it—the province must.

We owe it to one 18 year-old-girl who was betrayed by the very people we put in charge of looking out for her.

Source: Wellington Times

Addendum: CAS executive director Bill Sweet has responded, apparently to the case of the girl identified as Miss Teen. He contends CAS records show the girl was removed from the home as soon as she complained. A likely explanation for his contention: CAS did not record the girl's earlier complaints.



CAS responds

Embattled child protection agency goes on the offensive

Nearly three weeks after this newspaper reported allegations that an 11- year-old girl was returned to her foster family after she complained of inappropriate sexual conduct, the local CAS now says the story is untrue.

“None of the complainants in that case spent a single, further minute in that foster home after the allegations were made,” said Elaine Philip, incoming chair of the Children’s Aid Society of Prince Edward County. “That is our practice in all cases. And our files indicate that this was the case in this instance.”

CAS Executive Director Bill Sweet repeated the assertion.

“You are mistaken in your history. There were three complainants. When each young person made their complaint they were removed from the home and they were never returned.”

Pressed to add more substance to his assertion, Sweet simply repeated that the Times was wrong in its reporting.

“Your record is entirely inaccurate,” said Sweet. “But we are not in a position to share file information—but I can tell you right now that when any of those young people complained they were removed from the home and they never returned.”

Source: Wellington Times

Addendum: The malefactor has been sentenced, but has been granted bail pending appeal.



Foster parent sentenced but could be freed

A former County foster parent has been granted an appeal for several sexual assault convictions for which he was sentenced to nine years Friday.

In parcel with the appeal process, the 71-year-old was granted bail by a court of appeal judge Friday afternoon, just hours after being whisked off to a Quinte area jail to start serving his prison term.

Justice Jennifer Blishen condemned the sexual predator to the nine-year term for sexually abusing two girls entrusted in his care by the Prince Edward County Children's Aid Society.

He has vehemently maintained his innocence since being found guilty by a Picton jury of preying on the girls who were nine and 10-years-old when the acts occurred at his Wellington and then Bloomfield foster homes.

Details of the bail are cloudy but sources close to the case say the offender could be released by Saturday. He will be barred from residing with his wife in Prince Edward County.

Appeal proceedings were happening almost simultaneously to the sentencing in Picton. His wife and a Toronto lawyer acted on his behalf during the hearing at the Ontario Court of Appeal Friday afternoon.

The man, who can't be named because of a court-ordered publication ban guarding the identity of the victims, was placed in handcuffs and whisked away to the Quinte Detention Centre, from where he will be released into the custody of his son, acting as a surety.

His release on bail sets the stage for what could materialize into a lengthy appeal process. Defence counsel will now review transcripts detailing the entire case before drafting appeal documents. It typically takes six to nine months before a one day hearing date is set in Toronto, sources say.

Outside the Picton court Friday, Jodi Whyte, the Crown attorney, said a new trial could be one potential outcome of the appeal. Whyte was notified about 10 days ago that the bail request was pending.

“I'm confident we did everything we could in this case to guard against that (new trial),” she said. “If there is going to be an appeal, I'm hoping that it's expedited,”

Justice Blishen said the abuser expressed no remorse and was resolute in maintaining his innocence. He blamed the victims for fabricating the stories and claimed the girls colluded out of spite and vindictiveness.

Blishen chided the man for his “disregard of the magnitude and severity of the offences.” A condemning pre-sentence report drafted before the hearing labelled the man a “highly manipulative” offender who is a less-than-ideal candidate for rehabilitation.

The girls, who were subjected to various sexual abuse ranging from oral to sexual intercourse over a six year period, ending in 2010, “suffered greatly,” at the hands of a man they trusted, Blishen said.

“They were both young, vulnerable little girls,” that were placed in the “hands of a sexual predator,” Blishen said.

The two victims, now in their late teens, testified to being sexually assaulted by the accused over several years during their stays at Wellington, then Bloomfield, foster homes he operated with his wife.

The court heard complaints were filed to police and CAS officials in Feb. 2005 by one of the complainants, but no charges resulted from the allegations.

No charges were laid until the fall of 2010, about four months after the July exit from the home by the third girl who complained that she too had sex numerous times with the accused.

He was found guilty of two counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual touching.

While finding him guilty of the charges stemming from those two complainants, the jury declined to convict on any of the allegations brought by a third girl, who also testified at the trial.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Addendum: Rick Conroy of the Wellington Times follows up with two investigative reports.



Warning signs

Former foster parent says she reported inappropriate behaviour to CAS four years before man charged

Patty Dorenberg says the local CAS knew it had a problem in 2006 with a man who would eventually be charged and convicted of sex crimes against foster children in his care. Dorenberg says she reported inappropriate and “disturbing” behaviour to her CAS resource worker after a bus trip she organized that year.

Dorenberg was on the executive of the Foster Families Association in 2006 when she arranged an outing of foster families to the Vaughan Mills mall on the northern edge of Toronto.

One foster parent caught her attention that day. The older man was rarely ever separated from the young girl in his care. “It was like they were boyfriend/girlfriend,” said Dorenberg. “They were holding hands and sitting on his lap—but not like a father and daughter would. She rarely went to play with the other children.”

Dorenberg says she didn’t witness anything overtly sexual between the man and the girl but as the day went on the “creepier” their relationship seemed to her. And it wasn’t just Dorenberg who felt this way. The following morning she reported the behaviour of the foster parent to her resource worker.

“The things I saw and other families saw that day were disturbing to say the least. At least two of us reported this to the CAS. Others were available to investigate the complaint had the CAS chosen to do so—but they didn’t.”

Dorenberg says that in 2006 she trusted the local CAS to do the right thing.

“I did my duty to report the inappropriate behaviour,” said Dorenberg. “I thought they were following this up. I reported this to my resource worker. She reported it to the director—it’s in the file—but it never went any further than this.”

Prince Edward CAS Chair Elaine Philip says there is no indication that a complaint was ever made about this incident.

“We have a strict process that includes involving the police if there is a suspicion of criminal behaviour,” wrote Philip in response to these accusations. “All incidents of this nature are recorded on file and senior staff are notified.”

But according to Philip there is nothing to indicate Dorenberg or anyone else complained about what happened at that mall on that day in 2006.

Dorenberg didn’t think much more about this incident until four years later when the now- 71-year-old foster parent was charged with sex crimes against children in his care.

“You trust your agency,” said Dorenberg. “Life goes on. Then you hear other things. Then it all breaks open and I you think, oh my God!”

The accused was found guilty by a jury in June and was sentenced to nine years in prison earlier this month. He is currently out on bail pending an appeal of his conviction.

Source: Wellington Times

‘Living in denial’

Dorenberg claims she was ‘squeezed out’ after complaints to CAS

Another former foster parent has come forward accusing the Children’s Aid Society of Prince Edward County of failing to provide sufficient “oversight, resources and funds” needed to appropriately care for the kids in its care.

Patty Dorenberg worked for the local CAS in the early ‘90s as a social work assistant. When she had her own children she decided to provide a home for foster children as a means to supplement her income.

“I loved it,” said Dorenberg. “Right from the beginning I thought this is what I was meant to do.”

While she continued to enjoy caring for the children assigned to her home, she says she became increasingly disillusioned about the local agency—particularly its inability to respond to the issues and concerns foster parents were raising.

“There is no leadership at the agency,” said Dorenberg. “It comes down to dollars and cents—all the time. Workers and foster parents aren’t receiving the training we are required to have. When you ask a question it takes forever to get an answer—if you ever get an answer.”


Faced with inaction, Dorenberg became an advocate for foster families and children in their care. She joined the executive of the Foster Families Association.

“People brought their problems and issues to me. I heard too many stories that just weren’t right. I tried to work with the administrators. They would listen, but nothing ever changed.”

She and others on the association executive decided to go around the director and bring their issues to the board. That was in June 2011.

“They really did not want to hear our complaints,” said Dorenberg. “They ridiculed us. “They didn’t care about items on the list. One board member said we were making it sound like the wheels were falling off the wagon. I said, ‘yes—the wheels are off the wagon.’”

Philip contradicts Dorenberg saying that when the board received the letter from the Foster Families Association, they instructed the executive director to investigate all the concerns outlined.

“As part of this investigation,” writes Philip, “PECAS staff contacted a number of the signatories, at which point it became clear that many were unaware of the letter’s contents and felt misrepresented by the Association. In response, the Executive Committee of the Board met with the FFA executive in May.”


Philip says the board told Dorenberg that it would not act upon the issues outlined because the views were “not universally held” by the association’s members.

Dorenberg says the board’s executive members accused her of acting on her own, not on behalf of foster families.

“We talked to our association and got as many signatures as we could. We couldn’t get everybody. But the CAS board executive accused us of not sharing all our concerns with our membership before they had signed it. We were accused of misleading our members.”

Phillip denies that anyone was ridiculed in the meeting and repeated her contention that Dorenberg’s concerns could not be taken seriously as they merely a “series of complaints that were not universally held” by the association.


Dorenberg says the board executive called in four foster families who had signed the list of concerns to meet with a board executive committee. She contends they did this as a means of intimidation.

“They put them on the hotseat,” said Dorenberg. “Of the foster parents they chose to interview—one was an employee, another was working toward an adoption. A third was planning to adopt. None wanted to make waves. I one hundred per cent believe they were trying to intimidate them.”

Philip says no board executive committee was formed. She acknowledges that three in-person interviews were conducted with the letter’s signatories. She says some of these in-person interviews were conducted at the request of the foster families “out of concern they had been misrepresented by the FFA.”

Philip says “the voluntary interviews would have no bearing on the administrative approval process for any of these officials.”


Soon after that, Dorenberg quit fostering children. She says she was already being “squeezed out,” by the agency. While she typically had three of four foster kids in her care, by the summer of 2011, just one was assigned to her home.

Philip says her agency deeply values the work done by dedicated foster families, and treats them with the utmost respect.

“We completely reject the suggestion that attempts have been made to force foster parents out of foster care,” responded Philip.


Dorenberg says she is coming forward now because the local CAS, in her view, is living in denial. “The CAS doesn’t seem to be learning from its mistakes. The system seems to be falling apart in Prince Edward County. No one seems to be acknowledging there is a problem here.”

Source: Wellington Times

According to a private communication from victim Miss Teen, the man we identified as Foster Malefactor was sentenced on January 7, 2015 to nine years in jail. Below the press reported the story a day later.



Appeal denied in foster kids' sex abuse case

BELLEVILLE, Ont. - The Ontario Court of Appeal has rejected a former Prince Edward County foster parent's appeal of several sexual assault convictions, and the man is headed to prison.

The 73-year-old man, whose name can't be released to protect the identity of his two female victims, launched the appeal immediately after he was found guilty in August 2012 of two counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual touching.

He had been released from custody since then.

The charges were laid by provincial police after two girls, entrusted to the man's care by the former Prince Edward County Children's Aid Society (now part of Highland Shores Children's Aid), were abused at foster homes in Wellington and Bloomfield between 2004 and 2010.

The children were nine and ten years old when the abuse, which included oral sex and sexual intercourse, began.

Hastings County assistant Crown Attorney Jodi Whyte says the court dismissed the appeal in Toronto on Wednesday and the man will now begin serving the nine-year prison sentence he was given upon his conviction.

Source: Metroland/Kawartha (Toronto Star)