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Naked Lunch

May 2, 2012 permalink

British social worker Shaun Stanley promised to write a good report on a mother provided she served him tea and beer naked. He remarked that the woman was not exactly flat-chested and suggested that at his next visit her dressing gown might fall open. As he removed his own shirt to show that he was not wearing a recording device, condoms fell out of his pockets.



Social worker asked for 'naked woman to serve him tea and beer'

A social worker told a mother he would write a good report on her if she served him tea and beer naked, a tribunal heard.

The social worker took off his shirt and some condoms fell out of his pockets, it is claimed

Shaun Stanley allegedly told the woman, in her thirties, that her dressing gown might accidentally fall open as they chatted during a child welfare visit.

He had volunteered to work over the bank holiday when his manager at Oxfordshire County Council asked for people to come forward.

Stanley went to the woman's home in Reading, Berks on May 29, 2010 and made comments about her breasts saying that she 'wasn't exactly flat-chested,' it is claimed.

He took off his shirt in an attempt to prove to her that he was not wearing a wire and emptied out his pockets, to show that he wasn't recording the conversation on his phone, it is alleged.

As he did so some condoms fell out of his pockets, it is claimed.

When he was leaving he asked the woman if there was any chance he could see her in her dressing gown when he returned the following day.

He added: "It might drop open".

Case presenter John Lynch said: "She said she did not feel comfortable with the registrant and that he made her feel vulnerable."

When Stanley returned that following day, the woman recorded him swearing at her on his mobile phone.

Stanley was checking on the welfare of the women's children and told her he would write positive reports for sexual favours, it is claimed.

Mr Lynch said: "He said to her, 'you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours'."

He is said to have said that the only thing he would ask for would be for her to serve him tea and beer while naked.

Stanley indicated that he would falsify his records and give her advance warning of his visits, it is claimed.

The social worker is not attending the hearing. The hearing continues.

Source: Telegraph (UK)

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