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Slatter Cleared

June 20, 2012 permalink

Accused Prince Edward County foster parent Ronald Slatter has been cleared of criminal charges. After being cleared, he still has restrictions. Looks like he needs a better lawyer. Following the news article is a comment by Curtis Kingston, who knows about the case.



County man cleared of sex crimes

Criminal sex-offence charges against a Bloomfield man have been withdrawn.

Ronald Slatter was released on a $500 non-deposit peace bond with several conditions after Crown attorney Adam Zegouras announced his office would not proceed with the case.

Because of the nature of the offences and based on the evidence, said Zegouras, the “possibility of a conviction is extremely low,” he said. He did not elaborate.

Justice Geoff Griffin placed several restrictions on Slatter. He was ordered to keep the peace and remain on good behaviour. He is not to be around the complainant nor is he to be in a position of trust with anyone under the age of 16, except with his grandchildren.

Slatter, who was a foster parent, was charged in February with sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation.

The charges came after the CAS launched an investigation following the conviction of Joe and Janet Turner Holm in November. The Bloomfield couple, who were foster parents for the agency, entered guilty pleas to a number of charges and were sentenced to a combined total of seven years in prison.

That case, CAS said, prompted Prince Edward CAS to examine its internal policies and resulted in Slatter being charged.

Griffin said the peace bond was not a finding of guilt or a conviction. Outside the courtroom, Slatter who had fostered about 40 children over eight years, said he has been “dragged” and his reputation ruined by all the news coverage of the charges.

He said reputable foster parents have been “tainted” by the actions of previous foster parents who have been convicted for sexually abusing children placed in their care.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Curtis Kingston What I don't like about this is the simple fact that from inside sources I believed that this man has been innocent all along but they had no problem publishing his name but they did decide to place a publication ban on the horrible excuse for a man that raped three girls in his care and he was obviously guilty the whole time.

I still to this day have a very hard time not releasing the guilty mans name because of the fact that I know his name and one of the victims but it just angers me that they have no problem with releasing the name of an innocent man but they do have a problem releasing the name of the guilty person.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch