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Walk for Family Law and CAS Reform

June 9, 2012 permalink

David Roblin

David Roblin is planning a walk for family law and CAS reform. It is to start on July 1, Canada Day, in Ottawa and proceed to Kingston and Toronto. A video announces the plans, YouTube and local copy (mp4). A large class of people is unaware of what is happening in the name of child protection, but is well aware of the abuses taking place in family law. Mr Roblin is asking for the assistance of a volunteer driver for a month. For more information see the Facebook group Children's Foundation for Family Law & CAS Reform. The YouTube blurb is enclosed.



Walk Across Ontario For Family Law & CAS Reform

A dynamic person that is well educated, mature and highly determined who resides in Kingston Ontario, Canada, is so passionate with conviction for worldwide Family Law Reform that we have planned and are now preparing a walk across Ontario from Canada's Federal to Ontario's Provincial Legislative Assemblies.

The starting date and location for this walk is July 1, 2012 (Canada Day) from Parliament Hill in Ottawa and will continue on to Queen's Park in Toronto and may continue on from there. There will be multiple stops in key locations along the route.

July 1st is the most fitting day to begin the walk for multiple reasons. One thing we would like to mention is, because there has been a lot of discussion to have Provincial wide rallies on Canada Day, we think it would be best if we were to conduct rallies simultaneously on July 1st at multiple locations across Ontario.

The walk will receive support under the name of a newly formed organization called "Children's Foundation for Family Law & CAS Reform", and it is our hope that our children's voices will be heard throughout this walk by means of media attention and through endorsements by every concerned group across Canada.

Most importantly, we welcome assistance from people in any way, shape or form. One thing we are still in dire need of is a person or persons that would be willing to film this journey so it can be produced as another break through documentary for our cause!

Anyone that is looking for more information or is willing to help in anyway with this walk, please Email or look up our new page on Facebook "Children's Foundation for Family Law & CAS Reform.

Source: YouTube